How we went on holiday for free!

People always say that nothing in this world is free – I disagree! We have had not 1 but 2 free holiday’s in the last two years.

In 2014 we went on a three night trip to NYC and in 2015 a two night trip to Barcelona.

2014-11-16 09.58.04.jpg

Times Square Nov 2014

How did we get these for free? The answer is really simple – I won them. Entering competitions online is one of my hobbies.

In the uk there are several forums/websites that list competitions open to UK residents and the great thing in the UK is we pay no tax on our winnings.


Were they really free? Yes For each trip we id not pay a penny towards travel or accommodation, they were totally free. However spending money was our own responsibility – on our NYC trip we did get a small amount of spending money but we had to add some to it.

I bet what you really want to know is how can you win a free holiday too.To be in with a chance you got to get entering those competitions. I personally use the Money Saving Expert website forum to source competitions. I would suggest setting up a separate email just for entering competitions as you can get a lots of emails.

How long will it take before you win a holiday? Well this is something I just dont know the answer to.  I was entering competitions for 3 years before we got our NYC trip I enter on average 100 competitions a day so that is about 100000 before I won a holiday. Dont let that put you off though as on average I win something every 1700 competitions I enter. I have had loads of awesome prizes over the years – Nitro Circus Tickets, A Years Supply of Biscuits, £200 House of Fraser Gift Cards and much much more.

Why dont you give it a go?


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