8 Tips for your first Disney Cruise

8 Tips for your first Disney Cruise

I haven’t hidden the fact that I absolutely loved my first ever Disney Cruise. It was as close to perfect as a vacation could be. Our first Disney Cruise was aboard the Disney Dream and before I went, I spent hours scouring the internet making sure I knew everything there was to know. After the vacation was over  I realised there are so many tips for first timers on Disney Cruise Line that I just hadn’t read.  This is my top 8 tips for your first Disney Cruise!

Don’t Miss the Main dining rooms

Most Disney World or Disneyland fans will tell you that the food is all part of the vacation. Well Disney Cruise Line takes it up a notch. The main dining rooms are all included in your cruise cost and the food and service are out of this world. Disney does this amazing thing where your servers move restaurant with you, so you get the same servers every night. Even on a short cruise it really does feel like you know them and adds so much to the experience. So much so that I have requested Howard to be my server again on my next cruise!


Don’t miss the shows

If it is your first Disney Cruise you may be tempted to skip the shows to maybe try and get on the Aqua Duck when its quiet or maybe your kids just want to play in the kids clubs. If you do miss the shows I really do think you will be missing out. The shows are wonderful. The cast members are so talented – remember there is only one lot of cast members on your ship performing these show. That means not only do they do at least two shows a day, they are also performing in ever show!

Try room service

Room service is included in the cost of the cruise. Did you hear that, its included? All you have to do is tip your server when he delivers your food.

To make it even better you can put in an order breakfast to be delivered to your room the day before. Each stateroom will have a little card for you to fill in your selections and you can pick what time it gets delivered. The selections include cereals, pastries, fruits, toast, a selection of tea’s and coffee and juice.

On our first day on the ship we had coffee and toast delivered to our stateroom at 7am and took our time getting ready whilst watching through our porthole as we came into dock. It was such a relaxing way to get ready in the morning.
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Don’t try and do it all

This is my number one rule for any type of Disney trip, land or sea! If you try and do everything all you are going to do is spend all your time running from one activity to another. This is meant to be a vacation.

Disney Cruise ships all have so many activities and those activities go all day long but that doesn’t mean you need to take part in them all. Trust me you will have an amazing time if all you do is ride the aqua duck and watch movies in your stateroom.

Save all the extra’s for you next cruise

There are so many amazing things covered in your cruise price. On our last trip we did so many things that I doubt I could remember them all – watched shows, did quizzes, drawing classes, cooking demonstrations, watched movies up on deck, met Santa, had cookies and hot chocolate and met lots and lots of characters. Guests have all these activities included in their cruise price.

There are other extras that you can pay for.  Excursions, cocktail classes, wine tasting and up-charge restaurants are just a few. My advice would be to save those for your second cruise because there will be a second.

Book a placeholder

Disney allows you to book your next cruise whilst on board and they give booking discounts and on-board credit. They also allow you to book a placeholder cruise. That means that you don’t book a specific cruise but do book your next cruise. This placeholder also comes with a booking discount and on-board credit and is 100% refundable. Once you are ready to book your next cruise all you have to do is give Disney or your Travel agent a call and they will apply your placeholder to your booking. Cruises do need to be booked and need to sail within 2 years of booking the placeholder.

Get the app

Every night in your room you get a printed Navigator. The navigator is your guide to all the activities and events on-board the ship the next day. However as its a printed a4 sheet of paper its a bit of a pain to carry around. Then only getting it the night before makes planning your time difficult.  There is an alternative – the Disney Cruise Line app.

Until you are on-board the app acts as a fun way to countdown to your cruise but once you are on the ship it is your guide to everything! All the classes, characters, movies and shows are listed on the app. It also allows you to see everything for the whole cruise, which is a huge advantage to the navigator. If you find something you really want to do you can set reminders so you dont miss out!

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What are your tips for someone about to set sail on their first Disney Cruise?

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  1. September 20, 2017 / 9:21 pm

    Disney cruise is totally on our bucket list – bookmarking for later!

  2. September 20, 2017 / 9:38 pm

    While we playfully call WDW our second home, we have not been on a Disney Cruise. Thank you for these tips. What I got most out of this article is to enjoy as much as we can of what is included because there will be plenty!

  3. September 21, 2017 / 3:06 am

    So many great tips. Disney cruise is on my bucket list. Can’t wait to put them to use.

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