Disney Cruise: Expectation Vs Reality

Disney Cruise: Expectation Vs Reality

Disney Cruise’s: Are they really worth the money?

This past November I went on my first ever Disney Cruise, a 4 night cruise aboard the Disney Dream. The ship set sail from Port Canaveral, stopped off at Nassau in the Bahamas, Disney’s own private island Castaway Cay and had a day at sea before returning to Port Canaveral.  In the months leading up to the cruise I spent hours reading trip reports, watching vlogs and talking to past Disney Cruise Line guests. Expectation’s were high and I must admit I was a bit worried I had set myself up for a disappointment – surely it couldn’t be as good as everyone said it was.

The Food and the service

Expectation: The food is easily the most talked about experience from past guests. Everyone raves about the food and the service provided in the main dining rooms and the buffet options at lunch.

Reality: In the main the food lived up the expectation. If I start with the buffet at Cabanas – wow what a choice. We ate at Cabanas for both breakfast and lunch and really couldn’t get over the range of foods available. All food was fresh and really flavourful.

The casual options up on the pool deck were just okay. They had on offer sandwiches, burgers and pizza. The food was always fresh but was very plain and simple. The great thing was that all the food here was included in the cost of the cruise.

We visited all three of the main dining rooms of the ship and the food was really great. I especially loved the French Onion soup available in the Royal Palace.

When you speak to people about there experiences on board Disney Cruise Line, most people will say that one of their highlights would be the service they received from their dining staff. Disney does this amazing thing were the service team remain with you throughout your cruise. Even though we were only on the ship 4 nights I felt our service team really made an effort to get to know us and actively went over and above what was required to make our experience magical.

Cruise Entertainment

Expectation: Broadway level performance in the main shows in the Walt Disney Theatre. Activities organised throughout the cruise for all age ranges and tastes.

The reality: Now I have never been to a Broadway show so I cant say if the shows compare however I can say I would be more than happy to pay top dollar to see Believe, Golden Mickeys or Villains Tonight again. They really exceeded my expectations. I was imaging Beauty and the Beast at Hollywood Studios level but they were a million times above that.

The other activities on board were also great – one of my favourites was watching a demonstration of how to make lobster ravioli. My husband and I also took part in a few of the quizzes – we lost most but did win a Disney trivia one.

In your stateroom there is a huge range of on-demand movies and Disney films and there is a cinema on board showing new Disney releases. Although I didn’t get a chance to experience the cinema as there just wasnt time, I did watch a few films in bed at night.

Overall the entertainment options on board really did exceed my expectations.

Palo Dinner

Initially I was going to put this in with food and service but it was actually such an amazing experience that I thought it deserved to be split out.  Whilst I dont consider myself a foodie I do love food and this food was great. We also had a great server called Christian. He made us feel so at ease and was super attentive without being constantly in our space. He even took my arm and walked me to the door.

Castaway Cay

This island is really a little bit of paradise. The water is this mesmerising shade of turquoise and the beaches are pure white. I spent hours sitting with my feet in the water and making pictures out of all the shells. The food offering on the island was a BBQ, which had lots of variety and was overall really good.


It is not going to come as a surprise when I say that I loved the cruise. Before sailing I was sure my expectations were too high but Disney really did deliver. I truly had a fantastic time on the ship so much so that whilst on board we booked to go again. We will be doing the same cruise in October 2017 and I cant wait. Disney cruises are generally much higher cost wise than their competitors but the additional cost was justified by the experience.

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