Disney Dream: Main Dining Room Food Review for Pirate Night (Pirates Of the Caribbean Dinner)

Disney Dream: Main Dining Room Food Review for Pirate Night (Pirates Of the Caribbean Dinner)

On our most recent cruise on board the Disney Dream, we ate in Enchanted Garden on Pirate night. However the location isn’t really important as all of the main dining rooms serve up the same menu that night. During our previous sailing, we had visited Palo (review here) for dinner on pirate night. That meant that we had missed out on the special pirate night menu.

Top Tip: If you can book a 4 night sailing on the Disney Dream rather than the 3 night. On the 3 night cruise you will not have the pirate menu, you will have the regular main dining room menu.


Jamie ordered the ‘1/2 pint of shrimp cocktail’. This is exactly what it says on the tin – shrimp cocktail. The shrimp was nice but nothing special. It was paired with a small amount of lettuce and some marie rose sauce.

My dish was the – ‘Davy Jones Rock Crab Cake’. It was served with a spiced coleslaw that I didn’t eat. Coleslaw is just not my thing. The crab cake itself was delicious. So much crab meat in there. There was an almost smokey flavour but it wasn’t overpowering and a nice crunch on the outside. I was very pleased with my choice.


My main meal was Caribbean Grouper served with Yucca on a black bean Salad.  This was wonderful. Portion size was very generous and I couldn’t even finish the whole piece of fish. Before my entree arrived I was a bit nervous about how the salad would taste but there was nothing to be nervous about. Full of flavour and texture however the avocado added nothing.

Jamie ordered the strip loin, served with tyme buttered potatoes, yorkshire pudding, cabbage and wine sauce.  The meat was ordered medium and the cooking was faultless. Actually everything about this plateful was faultless. He even ate the cabbage and he claims he hates cabbage. The yorkshire pudding had the perfect crunch on the outside and was light and fluffy on the inside – just as it should be!


We had already experienced two delicious courses and were full to bursting but we just couldn’t turn down dessert.

This is the rum soaked chocolate cake with raspberry glaze. Honestly this was just okay. The cake itself was dry and lacked a strong rum flavour. It wasnt awful, just not the calibre I have come to expect from Disney Cruise.

Bananas in Paradise – layered banana bread with hazelnut filling. Unfortunately this was equal in satisfaction to the rum cake and was just okay. Lacking in a distinct banana flavour and a bit dry.


Despite both deserts not living up to expectation, our Pirate Night meal was excellent. The entrees were some of the best all cruise. My expectations for pirate night had been rather low but I was completely blown away by how good my food was. Pirates of the Caribbean Dinner is now a must do for me!


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