The best Disney dining experience of my life | My review of Brunch at Palo

The best Disney dining experience of my life | My review of Brunch at Palo

The title really has already given away how this review of brunch at Palo is going to go. Apologies that there is not going to be a big build up, with you on the edge of your seat, eager to learn if I loved Palo or not. Palo was just too good for that. Our experience was faultless from beginning to end.

If you have already read my review of dinner at Palo, you will know that we had an amazing time and it was the highlight of our first ever Disney Cruise.  And if you haven’t read it, why not? Go read it now or later, either way I suggest you read it and you can find it here – review of dinner at Palo. Our dinner experience had been so good that I didn’t believe there was any way that brunch  at Palo could be better. How wrong I was!

The restaurant and our server

Palo is an adults only restaurant serving Northern-Italian inspired dishes and features on all four of the Disney Cruise Line ships. It does have an-upcharge of $30 per person and there is dress code.  At brunch the dress code is more relaxed but is still in place. Generally, the brunch only operates on sea days however I have noticed a few cruises recently where it has taken place on non-sea days.

Before heading to the restaurant we made sure to stop by Minnie for a picture. Of all the character meets we did on the cruise where we asked the cast member to take our, this is probably the worst. Oh well!

When you get to the restaurant and check in, you are led to a little lounge to wait for your server. I am actually a little ashamed that I don’t remember our servers name because he was wonderful. If it comes back to me, I will edit this and put his name right here! Anyways, he led us to our seat and we had the most beautiful view. We looked right out onto the ocean. There are no bad views in Palo – every table faces the ocean. Our previous experience had been at night, so we really welcomed the view.

As part of the cost of brunch, there are a few alcoholic drinks included. Initially you get to choose one of the more premium drinks, we both chose a Kir Royal, one of my all time favourite drinks. Then after that we had Mimosa’s, which just kept coming! Throughout our meal we also enjoyed several glasses of water with fresh lemon and we drank 3 pots of coffee! How I didn’t spend the whole meal in the bathroom I will never know.

If you wish to drink wine or other alcoholic drinks there is a charge.

Disney Cruise Line Website has lots of information about the booking process, the cost and the dress code. Disney Cruise Line – Palo.

The Food

Our server took us over to the buffet and explained what all the items were and when we arrived back at our seats, he went over the menu. As with most brunches, you get the buffet part and you can order off the menu. The amazing thing about brunch here at Palo – you can order as many items from the menu as you want! We ordered our first items and made our way to the buffet.


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After several plates from the buffet and a few mimosa’s we ordered our first items from the main menu. My first choice was the red snapper. Okay, so lets get real here, this dish is incredible. Meaty fish that melts in the mouth, perfectly seasoned. Not only did it taste amazing, the piece of fish was massive.

I had already had so much food, but our server insisted I order a second main. Not wanting to let him down, I obliged and ordered the blueberry pancakes. These did not disappoint, warm and fluffy, full of blueberries that were just the right balance between sweet and sour.

Jamie ordered the parmesan crusted chicken breast served on a bed of risotto. Our server had recommended this dish and to be honest I didn’t expect him to enjoy it. Normally, he is not a risotto fan but he ordered it for the chicken. In the end up, he loved the dish, with the risotto being the best part.

His second dish, which again he ordered on our servers recommendation, was the best dish from the whole meal. This is the prosciutto and mozzarella calzone and it was cooked perfectly. Inside was gooey and salty and rich all at the same time.  I am so sad that I forgot to take a picture of the inside. When we do brunch next time, I am having this dish.

Since we were not quite full enough, we headed over to the dessert section of the buffet to get a few sweet treats. There were just as perfect as the rest of the meal but I could only manage a few.



What I particularly loved about brunch at Palo was the atmosphere and how you are made to feel.  We are not fancy dining establishment kind of people but not once did we feel uncomfortable or out of place. Our server laughed and joked with us whilst providing a level of service that was astounding. Add that to all the wonderful food and this brunch very quickly became my favourite Disney dining experience ever. Yep, ever!

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    • Lisa
      January 30, 2018 / 12:28 pm

      Honestly the best pancakes of my life! Shame I need to book a whole cruise to get them again because I could eat them everyday….

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