Royal Palace Disney Dream Review

Royal Palace Disney Dream Review

Read on to find out why the Royal Palace is my favourite Main Dining room restaurant aboard the Disney Dream

Aboard our first every Disney Cruise, Royal Palace was to feature as our first taste of the main dining rooms. Before setting sail I had requested that we get a table by ourselves, and I was very nervous that we may not get it. Now I know part of cruising is your table mates but all I wanted this trip was a nice romantic meal with just my husband.

When we arrived at the restaurant we were lead to our table and my heart sank a little when there were crayons on the table.  I was convinced that meant we would be sharing but when our sever came over he took them away. We now had a romantic table for two.

Since this was our first main dining room experience this was also the first time we met our servers. Our main server was Howard and he was so great. Over the three nights we spent in the dining rooms he made us feel like we were the only people the was looking after – so attentive but never in our face. Disney Cruise Line service is just amazing and you really have to experience it to believe it.

Firstly we ordered our drinks – of course it had to be cocktails.

Then the bread, in this ridiculously adorable pumpkin carriage shaped basked. Do you think its possible to get one of these for the house?

There really isn’t anything better than warm, freshly made bread. So Good.

For my Starter I had Belle’s French onion soup. It was delightful. It was thick and rich and garlicky and there was so much cheese! French onion soup is easily one on my favourite foods ever and this was right up there with the best. Ultimately the best was at Les Chefs du France but that is for another review.

Jamie had the lobster and shrimp. Whilst the shrimp and lobster by themselves were really nice there wasn’t much else to the dish. It was a bit plain and boring. Maybe they should add a bit of a sauce or dip to take this dish to the next level.

Beef medallions were the entrée of choice for both of us. Cooked to perfection, the meat was silky soft and melted in the mouth. My mouth is watering just thinking of it. The portion of beef was very generous. The potato portion was not so generous. Nice but just not enough of it.


Unfortunately, I was feeling a bit queasy at this point. The excitement of the cruise and the movement of the ship had turned my stomach a little.  We decided to skip dessert and head back to our room.


Comparing Royal Palace to the other main dining rooms, this was my favourite. The cute touches throughout the restaurant – the décor, the theme and that bread basket, made this place a winner. That was before we had even tried any of the food. Whilst not perfect, the food was an excellent standard. That beef was a showstopper. It may just look like an ordinary bit of beef but it was just something else.

We are cruising on the Disney dream again and I already know I am ordering the same again.  Although this time I am staying for dessert and maybe throwing in an order for the escargot with my appetiser. That’s the wonderful thing about Disney Cruise – if you want two appetisers you can have two.

What is your favourite restaurant on board the Disney Dream?


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  1. August 26, 2017 / 5:03 pm

    My favorite is Animator’s Palate, but my favorite meal is at Enchanted Garden. Love that sea bass!!

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