Disney Cruise | Enchanted Garden Review

Disney Cruise | Enchanted Garden Review

Once upon a cruise way back in 2016, I first dined in Enchanted Garden aboard the Disney Dream.  Honestly, I was underwhelmed. My review can be found here. The main issue for me was my food – it just didn’t wow me like the other dining rooms. The decor was lovely but I wasn’t feeling the restaurant vibe.

On our most recent Enchanted Garden experience, this all changed. Keep reading to find out why I changed my mind….

The Restaurant

As with my previous review I am going to quote how Disney describe Enchanted Garden: ‘Savor a market-style menu of flavors from around the world at this restaurant inspired by the gardens of Versailles.’. Being totally honest, I still do not know what that means. I do know the restaurant looks like a very fancy garden, one I would imagine wouldn’t look out of place in the grounds of a stately English Home.  The lights a pink flowers, posts look like wrought iron railings and the ceiling is made to look like the sky.

Make sure you check out the fountain, its spectacular!


The Food

Every good meal starts with warm fresh bread and Enchanted Garden was no different. The range here was great, lots of choice.  One had dried fruit within it and was so moreish. We actually demolished two whole baskets between us, it was that good.

For appetisers, Jamie order what I had previously, the the Ahi Tuna and Avocado Tower. Just like last time, the tuna was fresh so absolutely delicious. While it doesn’t look a large portion on the plate, there is a lot of tuna here. It end up being too rich and its hard to eat it all.

For my first course I went wish something I have never ever ordered in a restaurant – Tomato Soup.  The thing with tomato soup is you cant really go too wrong and while this was nice it wasn’t an amazing dish. It was a safe choice for me and I enjoyed it.

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Mains are really where this meal shone. For mine, I went with the slow roasted prime rib. I don’t think I know enough superlatives to be able to describe how moreish this dish was. The prime rib was perfectly cooked, it was so soft it could be cut with a butter knife. The accompaniments were also great but couldn’t quite content with the prime rib. If I could only have one meal for the rest of my life, I would be happy to have this everyday.

My husband ordered the scallops.  These were really nice. Its so easy for scallops to be over cooked but these were just right. They were really small but there were quite a few on the plate.

Dinner has been great so far but now it was time for dessert. Last time I had two but I was a bit more restrained this time, opting just to have the pecan tart. I’m not sure what I was expecting but it definitely wasn’t what arrived. The tart was really hard to eat – really tough. It wasn’t overly sweet which for me was a bit disappointing.


Jamie ordered the peanut butter sundae. There is not really much to say about it as it was exactly as you would expect. He certainly enjoyed it and I was a little jealous. Maybe I should have ordered two desserts!


If you did read my 2016 review you will know that I did put a few of my issues down to poor menu choice. This experience 100% confirmed that yes I had made awful choices. The dishes back then were not bad, they were just not to my taste.  Not only that, because we spent two meals in Enchanted Garden this time ( Caribbean Pirate Night Review Here), I spent a lot more time taking in the beauty of this location.

We had four wonderful main dining room experiences on our most recent cruises and it really is difficult to pick a favourite but Enchanted Garden is definitely a contender for that top spot. Everything clicked for me this time, the food, the ambiance and the service.

Our next cruise seems a lifetime away in 2019 but I a already looking forward to our meal in Enchanted Garden.



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  1. February 20, 2018 / 12:59 pm

    The prime rib. Oh, the prime rib. It looks savory and flavorful. We have not been on a Disney cruise yet. It looks like you are a regular. 2019 will be here soon enough! 😉

  2. February 20, 2018 / 1:01 pm

    The prime rib. Oh, the prime rib. It looks savory and delicious. We have not been on a Disney cruise yet. It looks like you are regulars. 2019 will be here soon enough. Maybe we will decide to try one by then. 😉

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