Haunted Mansion – The Residents

Haunted Mansion – The Residents

The Haunted Mansion ride appears in 5 different parks, 3 are practically the same – Disneyland, Walt Disney World and Disneyland Tokyo. To make this a better read, and honestly easier to write, I will only really be talking about the residents of those three houses. Let’s meet some of those 999 happy haunts….

The Ghost Host

‘Welcome foolish mortals, to the haunted mansion, I am your Ghost Host. Kindly step all the way in, please, and make room for everyone.There’s no turning back now….’

The ghost host is your narrator for the first half of the mansion. He is often referred to as Master Gacey by fans however this name was not given to him by Disney Imagineers. As you will see with another set of residents later on Disney has now partially adopted this name and it can be seen on much of the merchandise. They even had a Master Gacey in the Haunted Mansion movie.

Madame Leota

In all the Haunted Mansions, we find Leota in the seance room – as a disembodied head encased in a crystal ball. In some she floats and others rests in the middle of the table surrounded by floating objects. You will find her casting an enchantment to allow you to see the rest of the Mansions residents.


Image: Haunted Mansion Wiki

In WDW Leota first appears in the queue on a headstone; ‘Dear Sweet Leota, beloved by all. In regions beyond now but having a ball.’. If you stare at the headstone long enough you may even find her staring back…


The bride

The current bride is Constance Hatchaway and she is a relatively new addition to the mansion.There was previously another bride and Constance was just part of the portraits in the stretching room but an update in the mid 2000s added her to the main ride. Constance has had 5 husbands who were all wealthy men who somehow ended up without a head. Now she and her husbands haunt the attic.


Image: Disney Daily

The Hitchhiking Ghosts


Image: Disney

The hitchhiking ghosts have featured in the mansion since it began giving tours to us foolish mortals. These are another set of residents who names have become semi-official due to fans. Officially they have no name but fans call them Gus, Ezra and Phineas and now Disney have started putting the names on official merchandise.

Gus – the short guy with the bear and the shackles.

Ezra – the tall spook with the bowler hat

Phineas – the hunchback with the bag and the top hat.


Image: Disney Parks Blog

If you are not careful they might just hitch a ride home with you….

The Hatbox Ghost

The hatbox ghost is probably the most infamous of all the residents and mainly because he was missing for such a long time. He appeared for a short amount of time after the Disneyland attraction opened way back in 1969 and then mysteriously disappeared. By some kind of sorcery he appeared back in Disneyland in 2015. Currently that is the only mansion he resides in.


Hat Box Ghost


Who is your favourite happy haunt? These are just a few of the 999 residents but remember there is room for one more….

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