Disney’s Haunted Mansion – Attractions from around the world

Disney’s Haunted Mansion –  Attractions from around the world

If you seen my Facebook page yesterday, you will have seen that I shared a WDW Haunted Mansion construction photo. I just love the Haunted Mansion ride, to me it is exactly everything a Disney dark ride should be and more. It has great characters, a rich story line, detailed sets, humour and to top it off a funky song.

The picture has inspired me to write about the ride I love and for the next 4 Sundays, I will be posting my Haunted Mansion mini series. If you haven’t been on any of the rides don’t worry, I am going to be very careful and not actually give too much away.

Up first: Haunted Mansions around the world.

Whilst not always called Haunted Mansion, one exists in every Disney theme park based resort around the world. The only exception is Shanghai.  The oldest dates back to 1969 when the Haunted Mansion was built at Disneyland. Orlando followed with theirs two years later.Each home to 999 happy haunts, but there is room for 1 more!

Hanuted Mansion: Disneyland

Based in the Disneyland Park in New Orleans Square, the Californian version first opened in 1969. As you enter you are first introduced to your Ghost Host who will be your personal guide throughout the mansion and its estate. You will travel between the stretching room (Is this room actually stretching?), the Grand Ballroom and onto the graveyard.

The Mansion itself is just beautiful.

Disneyland’s version is semi-unique in that it gets a makeover every year at Christmas time. It becomes Haunted Mansion Holiday – with a Nightmare before Christmas overlay. Christmas and Halloween together – whats not to love!

Haunted Mansion: Walt Disney World

The Haunted Mansion was an opening day attraction back in 1971 for WDW and is based in the liberty square area of Magic Kingdom. It is largely the same as the Californian edition although it is longer and slightly more elaborate.


The ballroom scene is my favourite – its filled with so much detail, and so many ghosts! They are done by a really simple trick called peppers ghost. If you are ever lucky enough to do the Marceline to Magic Kingdom tour you might even get a sneaky peak backstage at the ride and see the trick in action.

As you would expect the ride is dark so there are not many great pictures of the inside but I did find this great picture of the ballroom dancers in the Boo to you parade on the Disney Tourist Blog.


Haunted Mansion: Disneyland Tokyo Resort

The next mansion to open was Tokyo’s version in 1983. It follows the same format as its American counterparts although it is based in Fantasyland here. I think it looks really similar to the WDW version.



The Disneyland Tokyo website has the cutest video about the ride

Tokyo also does the Nightmare before Christmas overlay on the ride.


Phantom Manor: Disneyland  Resort Paris

Phantom Manor is based is Frontierland and is the first of the Mansions to change the story line. It adds a bit more of a western feel to both the story and the mansion itself to allow it to fit into its surroundings. The storyline is based around the curse of  Thunder Mesa. Out of all the Mansion’s I think this one really looks haunted.





Mystic Manor: Hong Kong Disneyland

The newest of all the Mansion’s opened in 2013 and was a huge departure from what we had come to expect because.there are no ghosts! Due to cultural differences there are no ghosts or mentioning of the afterlife but instead they have a story of Lord Henry Mystic, Albert the monkey and a mystical music box. Albert opens the box and everything in the house come to life.


Image:Disney Tourist Blog

How cute is he?

The mansion is Victorian Style but very eccentric. The ride is a complete one of a kind which is fairly rare in Disney terms.



I am so looking forward to trying all the Haunted Mansions on our Disney travel challenge this year. Which ones have you ridden and which one is your favourite?

Come back next week for the next update in my Haunted Mansion series: Haunted Mansion, The History


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  1. Helen A
    July 15, 2016 / 8:20 am

    Disneyland California’s mansion is my favourite! I’m intrigued to visit the Hong Kong one though and experience their culturally different version.

  2. lynn neal
    July 15, 2016 / 11:10 am

    Looking forward to the next instalment!

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