Our Plans for our Epic Shanghai, Hong Kong and Tokyo Disney Trip!!

Our Plans for our Epic Shanghai, Hong Kong and Tokyo Disney Trip!!

If you didn’t see our our announcement video, then you may not already know that we are headed east to visit all three of the Asian Disney resorts in one epic trip! Oh and if you didn’t see that video, make sure you go and watch it – its here.

So yeah, all three resorts, one epic trip! It truly is our biggest trip ever and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t apprehensive about it. Not only are we visiting three countries, well technically two, with all their individual nuances but we have to navigate three different currencies, two completely foreign languages, four hotel moves, 6 flights, the great firewall and so much more! I know it it is all going to be worth it but it’s still a little daunting.



Our adventure begins with our first flight leaving Glasgow at 9.30pm on a Saturday night. We will be taking a small 7 hour flight on Emirates to Dubai. Followed by a quick stop over and then the 9 hour flight to Shanghai.

Out of all three destinations, Shanghai is where we will have the least amount of time. This was a conscious decision as we didn’t really have any desire to see anything other than Disney, unlike the other locations.

There are so many things I am looking forward to in this park – the massive castle, the tron coaster, the Donald waffles! And then there is the Pirates ride that has been deemed the best in the world! I have stayed away from YouTube videos of the ride so I will get to judge for myself if it really is the best. We have two park days here so we should get everything done.

Whilst this is the location we will be in the shortest time, it is the only location we are staying in a Disney hotel. The Disneyland Hotel to be precise!


Image: TDR Explorer


We leave Shanghai to fly to Tokyo on a 1am flight! Yep, 1am! That means we land in Tokyo at 5am and we are heading to our first hotel near Disneyland. Initialy we were going to stay at Hilton Tokyo Bay but we left it too long to book and our dates sold out. So that means we are now staying at the Tokyo Bay Maihama for 4 nights. This is still subject to change as we ave booked an amendable option in case something better opens up.

For our 4 days at Disneyland and DisneySea, we are hoping to do full park days to just try and take everything in. These two parks are the thing I am most looking forward to about the whole trip. I feel like I have a whole notebook just for all the food I want to try and the parks! There there is all the merch, omg all the Japanese merch!

We have 4 day park tickets so will go to each park at least twice and are just going to try and squeeze in as much as possible. Although apart from my massive list of food I have deliberately not made much of a list of other must do’s. I expect the parks to be busy so we are just going to do what we can, although we are not allowed to leave without doing Pooh’s hunny hunt.

After our Japanese Disney experience we are moving into Tokyo itself with another 3 nights at the Hotel Gracery in Shinjuku. This hotel is also affectionately know as the Godzilla hotel due to this bad boy…..

I am a sucker for a bit of theming….

Our time in Tokyo will be jam packed as we try to see, do and eat as much as we can over the three days. Pack as much in as we can seems to be the theme of this trip.

Besides eating everything I can get my hands on from 7 eleven we have plans to hit most of the major tourist attractions – Sensoji Temple, Tokyo Tower, Studio Ghibli Museum, Shibuya Grossing, Tsukiji Fish Market, Owl Cafe, Tokyo Imperial Gardens.

Then there is the food and the shopping, somehow we need to find time for that too. There will be lots of Ramen, vending machines and milk flavoured snacks! I am hoping to find time to eat these adorable Totoro creme puffs too

Image: Travel Pockets

As we are pressed on time, I don’t think we will get much further than the city but we can always see more of Japan next time!

One thing I do want to mention here is we are planning on get a mobile wifi device Japan. I am a bit worried about getting lost and not being able to find wifi, even though I am told it is everywhere.

Hong Kong

The last stop on our adventure will be Hong Kong, a city I have wanted to visit for such a long time. We only plan on spending one day out of our 4 days here at Disneyland.

Our hotel is the Butterfly on Morrison. I honestly cannot remember why I picked this one or why I picked this area of the city but I know I researched it at the time…. Luckily our hotel comes with a mobile internet device that we can take with us. Then guests dont need to worry about getting lost and not being able to use google maps.

For our day at Disney, we plan to be there from opening to close, just to fit in as many rides of Mystic Manor as we can. There has never ever been a ride that I have been so excited to experience as Mystic Manor.  Obviously we will need to try and fit in the character Dim Sum at the Disneyland hotel too!

We are pretty flexible for the rest of our time here. I am expecting for us to be rather tired at this point. The plan is to visit Ocean Park, see the big Buddha, take the tram up to the peak and generally just explore at a much slower pace.

So that is it – our plan for our Shanghai, Tokyo and Hong Kong Mega Trip! We still have a lot of the finer details to work out like what bit of sightseeing we do on each day, but  we have all the basics sorted!

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