Restaurant Review: Skipper Canteen

Restaurant Review: Skipper Canteen

Restaurant: Skipper Canteen

Location:  Adventureland, Magic Kingdom

Dining Plans: Table Service

Type of Food:  Asian, South American and African

The Restaurant 

Skipper Canteen was my most anticipated adr of my 2016 trip. The menu was one of the most adventurous (pun intended) I had ever seen at Disney and the theme filled me with pure excitement.

The restaurant is located within Magic Kingdom park, in Adventureland. Its located just by the Sunshine Tree Terrace and if you are not looking carefully you could easily miss it.

The decor both in the waiting area and inside were everything I expected and more. There are treasures everywhere! You could easily spend hours going round the restaurant looking at all the weird, wonderful and very weird artefacts.

The Food at Skipper Canteen

Skipper Canteen has a few speciality drinks on offer and we couldn’t resist ordering a few.

This is the Schweitzer Slush – Frozen Apple Juice and Passion Fruit topped with Bursting Green Apple Boba Balls, first concocted by the noted explorer and humanitarian, Dr. Albert Slush. This drink is so cool – those green balls! Its so difficult to describe, they kind of melt in your mouth but somehow manage to stay balls. I have no idea how they do it.

This one is the punch line punch – Tropical Fruit Juices and Mango Purée. Also available with a savory spiced-rim for an extra zinger! Not quite as exciting as the Schweitzer Slush but still a really great drink. Now onto the actual food…

Our meal started with this gorgeous bread and honey dipping sauce. The bread was warm and light. The dipping sauce was just the right amount of sweet and sticky. They were the perfect combination.

I ordered the Char Siu Pork which is detailed on the menu as marinated Grilled Pork served with Chinese Broccoli and Jasmine Rice. This dish was so tasty. Sometimes Jasmine rice can be very perfumed but this was just right. It had a great crunch. The pork, as expected, was the best thing about this dish. It was cooked perfectly and the sauce, well all I can say is yummy!

Now I know this dish is pretty scary looking but it really was the star of the show. This is the whole fried lion fish. Well actually its two whole fried lion fish.

For comparison it tasted like a haddock but a bit more meaty. As you can see the fish is full of bones and there is not a huge amount of meat. Possibly this is why you get two. The meat that was there was soft and fell apart in your mouth.

Overall Thoughts

Magic Kingdoms newest restaurant exceeded all my expectations. There was nothing I didnt like. The menu is exciting, the decor is cute and the jokes are awful. Oh Yeah I forgot to mention the jokes. Our server told so many awful jungle cruise type jokes. They were so bad they became good again!

Everyone really needs to try Skipper Canteen at least once – its a perfect addition to Magic Kingdom which really lacks excellent table service restaurants.

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  1. Kathy
    October 16, 2017 / 10:37 pm

    I enjoyed this blog a lot. I did not even know about this restaurant, but the way you put it I cannot wait to visit it. Thank you for sharing your Disney experience so vividly.

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