The food pics have landed – 2015 WDW Food Report Day 1

The food pics have landed – 2015 WDW Food Report Day 1

Welcome back to my blog or welcome if its your first time reading.Myself and Jamie have just returned from our quick week in Disney World and we had lots of great meals on this trip. You will have seen in our pics I am not a small girl, actually I am small height wise but not belly wise, so you can guess I love my food. This results in a few days we ate way too much food. But hey that just means I have more pictures to share. Honestly reading food reports, Disney food blogs and researching Disney restaurants is one of my favourite things to do in a run up to a trip so I really wanted to do one of my own.

I will be uploading one day of food pics for the next 7 days.  So here goes…

Day 1 – Travel Day

Our plans were to go to Frankie and Benny’s but we changed our mind as on our first flight from Glasgow to London we were served a breakfast by British Airways. They offer a cooked breakfast or continental. We both had the cooked. Jamie ate both the rolls and we both declined tea and coffee.  I am one of those weird people who likes airline food and this breakfast was actually really nice. The hash browns were a bit salty.

2015-11-09 07.30.29.jpg

Then we had a few hours to waste at Gatwick airport so picked up a meal deal each from WH Smith. There are other options at the airport but nothing really appealed. I took all these pic’s on my phone so its not great. I had the chicken and chorizo – it wasn’t nice. Jamie enjoyed his sandwich.

2015-11-09 09.25.11.jpg

The meals came with a bag of crisps and drink each. When we sat down to munch them I noticed the date on my crisps – they were 5 weeks out of date. I took them back to the shop and they offered to replace them. The shop assistant said I could take any other packet from the shelf. When I went to get some every packet of that brand on the shelves were out of date. Yuk. I ended up with a plain packet of walkers.

Our second flight of the day was Gatwick to Orlando and it came with more food.

2015-11-09 12.50.07

Mini bag of Pretzels to start

For our main meal we both had the sausage and mash. We both really enjoyed it. It came with a weird tuna salad – Jamie said it was yucky but mine had a hair in it so I never tried it.  For dessert there was a chocolate brownie torte – so yummy but way too small. Lastly there were some crackers and cheese – again very nice.

2015-11-09 13.36.53

Our last bit of food on the flight was about 1.5hrs before landing. Nothing exciting a chicken sandwich and a kit-kat. Nothing to write home about but filled some time.

2015-11-09 20.09.52

We had a mini drama when we arrived at the resort – I will explain all in my trip report. Due to this we ended up just getting food at the resort quick service restaurant – Mara.

2015-11-09 19.32.17

Angus Bacon Cheeseburger

This was mine. It is just a basic quick service burger that they serve at nearly all the resorts however I thought it was one of the best quick service burgers I had ever had at Disney. The patty was really juicy and cooked perfectly but had a beautiful crunchy edge.

2015-11-09 19.32.22

African Chilli-Cheese Hot Dog

Jamie enjoyed his meal too. It came with the pickles but the resort had a mini toppings bar and he added the jalapeños. I really do not know what made the chilli African as the small bit I had just tasted like chilli to me.

Day 1 was over and deemed a success – tomorrow Boma breakfast and my new favourite Disney restaurant Sanaa

You Can read Day 2 – Here


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