Best Disney World Tickets for UK Visitors | Overview of Disney Ultimate Tickets

Best Disney World Tickets for UK Visitors | Overview of Disney Ultimate Tickets

Buying tickets to Orlando theme parks is a minefield. In the UK we have access to so many different options, Ultimate Tickets, Combo Tickets, Magic Your Way tickets, buy at the gate and Annual Passes.  Even if you have been to Disney before or this is your first trip, it can still be difficult to pick the best option for your family.

Here on Lisa in Wonderland we have a collection of posts, providing details of all the options available to help select the option that best suits your vacation. This one is dedicated to Ultimate Tickets.

UK 7, 14 or 21 Day Ultimate Tickets and Combo Tickets

Most visitors from the UK will purchase the Walt Disney World Ultimate Ticket, which are exclusive to us brits. For most of us, these tickets are perfect.  If you are planning on visiting other Orlando area theme parks, then many people choose to buy them as part of a combo ticket.

Combo tickets are groups of tickets that travel agents and authorised ticket sellers package up as one ticket. Normally they are packed up with Universal or Seaworld tickets. They are actually just made up of other park tickets plus ultimate tickets – they are not actually one ticket. Sometimes they are slightly cheaper than buying separately, but make sure you always do your sums first.

Overall, the Ultimate tickets are really the best value for most UK Visitors. They are available in 7 day, 14 day or 21 day versions which are more suited to the longer vacations that we tend to take. Your ticket is activated upon first use and are valid for the length of days you have purchased.

Included in your ultimate ticket is unlimited entry to the 4 main theme parks and the two water parks. You can park hop freely with these tickets – maybe even try the 4 parks one day challenge? Not only that Memory Maker is included with your ticket. Memory Maker is a package that allows you to download pictures that Photopass Cast Members have taken and all your on-ride photos.


My Favourite Photopass Picture from May 2017!

The only real downside of these tickets is you are often buying more days than you need.  However for first time visitors I wouldn’t recommend any other ticket. The flexibility cannot be beat, especially on a first trip when you are not quite sure what your park touring style is going to be.

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Where to buy your Ultimate and Combo Tickets

In the UK these are the most readily available ticket so you wont have any difficulty purchasing them.  Visitors who book a package of accommodation and tickets, direct from Disney, will get Ultimate Tickets.

My suggestion for where to get the tickets is FloridaTix. They have free delivery on all tickets and have the option of paying a small deposit of only £10 when booking. They also have lots of Combo Options which could save you some money if you are planning on visiting any of Orlando’s other theme parks.  Check out FloridaTix here.




Dont think these are tickets for you? Then check out our guide to Magic Your Way Ticket >>>>HERE!


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  1. sonya mc mahon
    March 20, 2018 / 5:49 pm

    looking for a free dining package can i book my flights seperate and just book hotel onsite free dining and ultimate ticket with disney direct travel agent or do it myself?

    • Lisa
      March 21, 2018 / 1:04 pm

      For free Dining you only have to Book the accommodation and tickets together – you can book the other stuff elsewhere.

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