Quick Review of Landscape of Flavors | Art of Animation Resort

Quick Review of Landscape of Flavors | Art of Animation Resort

Before our most recent trip to Walt Disney World, we promised ourselves we would try to expand our repertoire of dining locations.  In the main we failed, choosing to eat at lot of places we hadn’t visited in a long time.  However we did try a select few new locations, one being Landscape of Flavors over at Art of Animation resort. It feels so wrong typing flavors, in the UK we spell it flavours!

Now, we have been to this location before but we only grabbed a drink and a snack so I’m not counting it.

Somehow I managed to forget to take any pictures of the inside so here is a picture from the Walt Disney World website. Although this does not do Landscape of Flavors the justice it deserves, for a quick service this place is beautiful. The light fixtures are just something else!

Landscape of Flavors is set up just like every other Disney food court. Each station serves different items and you pay in a central location. The range of food here is just incredible – Mongolian Grilled Fish, Curried Chicken, Pizza, Seafood Pasta, Sandwiches, Burgers and more!

So this is meant to be a quick review and I have started to ramble on, so I will get onto the food picks.


This is the curried chicken. Honestly this looks horrible on the plate, presentation is never great at quick service locations. Despite not looking that appealing, this is an excellent fixture on the menu. The curry had a lovely spice to it, a real warmth without being overly hot. The nan bread was light and fluffy with a slightly over smooth texture. The rice was just, well it was just rice. Nothing to report there! My only negative one was something that is just my personal preference. The chicken is cooked on the bone and is baked, so some of the meat still has a slight pink tinge to it. Its something I really struggle with and tend not to order chicken on the bone because I cant handle the colour.

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My husband ordered the turkey sandwich, with chips and caesar salad. Okay so I know its not much can wrong with a sandwich but this was really good. Lots of meat, fresh crunchy bread and simple accompaniments. If you are not looking for a heavy meal, this is a great option.

So that is our super quick review, we had stopped off at Landscape of Flavours as we were at Art of Animation to take lots of pictures. This resort is just so cute and we hadn’t visited in a few trips. Here are just a few of my favourite pics from around the resort.


Have you tried any of the other dishes at Landscape of Flavors? Let me know your favorite in the comments so I know what to try next time!

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