Finally Trying One of Glasgow’s Most Talked about Restaurants | Six by Nico Review

Finally Trying One of Glasgow’s Most Talked about Restaurants | Six by Nico Review

One of the most talked about Glasgow restaurants of 2017 was Six by Nico. There is no where in Glasgow quite like it. Located in Finnieston, at the edge of the much loved west end, Six by Nico has an ever changing themed menu. Each theme only lasts six weeks with a complete menu change every time. Now when I say themed menu, this is not some cheesy, novelty themed food. This is a six course taster menu with a distinct personality based on a place or memory. Past menus include childhood, route 66, picnic and forest.  At the time of writing the six course tasting menu costs £25 per head. There is also the option for diners to add on a wine pairing or ‘snacks’, for an additional charge.

The day we had made our reservations also happened to be the day it decided to snow. It wasn’t a huge amount but it made our travel to the restaurant slightly awkward and long because I kept stopping to take pictures.  Not only that the snow was hiding all the ice that had built up throughout the days before so it was very slippy out.  The great thing about the snow was it made just walking into the warm and cosy feel like the best experience of my life. Maybe a bit dramatic but going for a trek in the snow is hard work.

I have about another 100 of pictures just like this……

The inside of the restaurant is beautiful. The colour scheme is dark blues, greys with the odd bit of gold and yellow. The fixtures have an industrial feel, with copper light fittings, clinical subway tiles, thick black curtains and a mixture block wooden and marble table tops.

Being a busy Sunday lunchtime the restaurant was full and I felt a bit odd trying to take pictures of the decor so this image comes from the Glasgow Live website. It was a little more white outside on the day we visited!

The menu for our visit was best of 2017. We had tried to booked for the Disney menu but had unfortunately missed it by a week. Each course had been voted for my followers of the restaurant on social media.

When you are seated the server asks if you have any dietary requirements and if you are okay with them menu. If you don’t like the look of the dish they can offer a vegetarian alternative. Now on with the food…..

 Chips and Cheese | Chippie Menu

Parmesan Espuma, Confit Potato, Curry Oil

Our first dish and already we are off to an amazing start. The curry oil was unbelievable. It tasted just like curry sauce. The curry oil did not penetrate the rest of the dish so when you got a drop on your spoon it was magical. If only there was more of it!

Steak Pie | Chippie Menu

Speyside Beef Shin, Onion Sauerkraut, Brioche

Sorry this picture is a little blurry, I was obviously just to keen to get eating. This was the first time I had ever tried beef shin and I had no idea what to expect. 

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Mac and Cheese | Childhood Menu

Glazed Chicken Wing / Charred Cauliflower / Truffle

This dish was incredible, no wonder it was voted onto this menu.


Guacamole / Pickled Chilli / Preserved Lime and Red Onion Salsa

This was actually my least favourite dish but it was still so moreish. The Guacamole was easily the best I have ever tasted. Although I don’t actually like guacamole so this was the first I have ever enjoyed.  It just didn’t wow me like the others. Compared to the other dishes, this was a big portion of fish. It was meaty with a very crunchy skin. The taco was a bit chewy and not all that nice.


Blueberries / Hazelnut / Wild Mushroom / Cocoa

Duck is something I never order. It was the dish I was least looking forward to but it blew me away. The duck itself was melt in the mouth. I couldn’t get enough of it. Wild Mushrooms were tasteless but looked pretty on the plate!


Passionfruit / Lime Curd / Coconut

Without a doubt this dish was the star of the show. It was just perfect. The nest was sweet and soft and crunchy all at the same time. How do you even make something soft and crunchy? The lime curd was so tart it made you squint but it was matched perfectly with the sweetness of the white chocolate and passion fruit egg. I would pay the menu cost just to eat this dish again.

Overall Opinion of Six by Nico

We visited on a Sunday lunchtime so the cost of the meal was way more than what we normally spend on Sunday lunch.  My husband, whilst he loved all the dishes, did feel it was a little expensive. I think he is wrong and it was good value. The dishes are not massive but the quality is undeniable.

Six by Nico was different to anything I had ever tried before, I loved the whole concept and I am already awaiting the announcement for the next menu!

If you would like to book, you can do so by visiting the website.

Recommended Reading

Whilst Glasgow doesn’t have any Michelin Star’s yet, we do make it into the Michelin Guide. A few restaurants get  honourable mention’s! The guide is a really interesting read, If you consider yourself a bit of a foodie, I completely recommend.

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  1. mary
    February 11, 2018 / 4:03 pm

    looks very good value . had not heard fit will give it a tyron our next trip to glasgow.

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