3 Things Disneyland Paris does better than Walt Disney World

3 Things Disneyland Paris does better than Walt Disney World


Personally I dont really like when any of the Disney Parks are compared – each park is amazing for its own reasons and a visit to any Disney park is magical.  Just because one park wins on paper does not mean you are not going to have an awesome time. However that doesnt mean lessons cannot be learned when a park does something better than any of the others. Whilst Walt Disney World trumps Disneyland Paris in almost all comparable categories there are a few where Disneyland could teach WDW a thing or two.


One of the things I loved the most about Disneyland Paris was the characters. Being able to meet some that I cant at Walt Disney World. Sure at WDW sometimes Scrooge McDuck is out on Christmas Party nights but here at Disneyland Paris he is just out for a regular meet and greet. Disney world makes you pay extra for special events to meet these rarer characters however they are just the norm here in Paris.

Thrill Rides

Really all I need to write here is Space Mountain. Wow that ride is way more thrilling at Disneyland Paris than its WDW counterpart. The volume of thrill rides at Paris in proportion to park size is also way higher than Orlando.

Unique attractions

Every Disney park around the world has its own unique attractions. Disneyland has Matterhorn, Disneyland Shanghai has Tron, Hong Kong Disneyland has Mystic Manor, Epcot has Frozen Ever After, Walt Disney Studios has Crush’s Coaster and so on. The fact that Disneyland Paris has unique attractions is not what is better but the individual attractions themselves. Disneyland Paris has some of the coolest unique attractions out there – Phantom Manor, Mickey and the Magician, Ratatouille, and we need to celebrate those awesome attractions.

If you want to read more about the unique attractions then check out this post – Unique attractions from Disneyland Paris. 

Tell me what you think Disneyland Paris does better than Walt Disney World?

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  1. Julie Johnston
    August 6, 2017 / 5:58 pm

    The thing I think is done better in Disneyland Paris is the way the special assistance pass is done.
    We have been to Paris several times since 2000 and once to California in 2016.
    Paris ask you to bring either your blue badge or a letter from one of your doctors explaining why you need a pass. Our GO writes the letter and we take it to City Hall, no problem.
    So when we went to California, we did the same.
    When I produced it, the Cast Member said they didn’t need to see it. I asked why and how would know my son needed a pass.
    She said that they couldn’t ask for proof.
    Mmmmm, so if someone gets up that morning and thinks they are a bit tired and can’t be bothered queuing, they can get a pass?
    Basically, yes, I was told. I asked about meet and greets with character, to be told that was “discrimination to “normal” people.

    You couldn’t make it up.

    And I hope it doesn’t change in Paris

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