Restaurant Review: Bistrot Chez Remy, Disneyland Paris

Restaurant Review: Bistrot Chez Remy, Disneyland Paris

Restaurant: Bistrot Chez Remy

Location:  Walt Disney Studios Park, Disneyland Paris

Dining Plans: Table Service (Reservations recommended)

Type of Food: Traditional French


This was my only must do restaurant on our Disneyland Paris and it wasnt for the food. I adore Ratatouille the film and I just had to visit Remy’s restaurant. The restaurant is magic….when you enter you are full size but then you are shrunk down to the size of a tiny rat. The tables are made of Jar lids and corks and the chairs are bottle caps. The restaurant is decorated with huge cutlery and plates. If I was ranking this experience on the theme and decorations only, then this is the best restaurant in all of Disney.

The Food

Like most restaurants in Disneyland Paris the menu consists of several different set menus, with each one more expensive than the last. We both decided that we wanted steak so that meant we had to order the Gusteau menu at an eye watering €59.99 each.

The meal started with warm bread. It was nice but nothing special.

There were no choices for starter so we had the only option – Duck Foie Gras, violet fig jam and savoury brioche. I hated mine. I had never tried Foie Gras and it was just way too rich and heavy for me. My husband liked his but said because the dish was so rich the portion was too big.

For Main we both had the steak which comes with gratin potatoes and a side of ratatouille. Whilst I have nothing negative to say about this dish, there again was nothing special about this meal. The ratatouille was the best part of this dish. It was full of flavour and a huge portion.  It could have done with being a bit hotter.

Lastly was dessert and for the first time this meal we ordered something different each. I ordered the warm tart tatin and my husband had the cheese plate. Mine was nice but followed the pattern of everything this meal – it was nothing special. The pastry was buttery but there wasnt a huge amount of filling so overall wasnt quite balanced.

My husband wasnt really keen on the cheese plate. He put this down to just picking the wrong menu off the item rather being a poor dish. The bread stick thing was rock solid and odd.


This meal was crazy expensive – €130 all in! For that kind of money I expected to be wowed and I dont think it will surprise anyone when I say I left feeling very deflated. The food was okay but it was not worth the money. If you love Ratatouille as much as me then the restaurant is just stunning but I doubt we will every return. Sorry Remy!

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