Tips to be more Environmentally Friendly at Disney

Tips to be more Environmentally Friendly at Disney

“The Future of All Life now depends on Us,” David Attenborough, Blue Planet 2

It appears that 2018 is the year that many of us are finally facing up to the facts of the damage we have done and are continuing to do to our environment. Now in everyday life, I try to think about the things I do and the choices I make to see if there is a better option. Whilst I am not perfect and there are still many things I could be doing myself, we all have to start somewhere. This is not meant to be a prechy or a telling off post, just a few little things we can all do.

Luckily there are lots of things that we can all be doing that have little impact on our personal lives but can have huge benefit to the world around us.  There are even things we can do whilst on vacation in the happiest place on earth. Not only could these choices help the planet and the creatures that on the land and in the sea, they will have no impact on the enjoyment of your vacation and may even save you a little money! So here are my tips on being a little bit more environmentally friendly at Disney…


Mother and Baby Elephant at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Taken on the Caring for Giants Tour

Tip 1: Bring a water bottle and reusable snack pots

This is a really easy one to do and one we can do in all aspects of our life. Single use water bottles and containers need to go! Bringing your own snack to the park is a great way of saving money and one I would encourage families to do, but don’t put them in ziplock bags that you are going to bin after use. Reusable bags or pots are a great alternative.

Water is expensive at Disney, so I know many families bring cases of water with them. In the past we have even had it delivered to our resort. Just think about the amount of single use water bottles and single use juice bottles Disney go through in a day, it must be an enormous amount. We can all do our bit by bringing our own water bottle and filling it up at the water fountains. If you are not keen on the taste of the fountain water, bring a drink pod thing to add to the water.

I have this bottle here from Amazon and it will be coming on my Disneyland adventure in just a few weeks. Click on the image to get one for yourself!

These pots are for baby food but they are the perfect size for carrying about little tubs of pretzels and raisins and reusable.

Tip 2: Eat in locations that don’t use single serve tableware

This one will need a bit of effort and research, but it will be worth it! Many of the quick service locations have began moving away from paper plates and throw away cutlery and have now started using real plates and real cutlery! Generally the dining outlets are located at the resorts, but they are so worth the effort to visit. There are so many great options with such amazing food- Wolfgang Puck Express, Sassagoula Floatworks, Landscape of Flavours.


Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf from Wolfgang Express, Disney Springs

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Tip 3: Reuse your old Magic Bands

If you are lucky enough to stay onsite, you will get free Magic Bands. You will get these every trip and every individual hotel. Disney now has this wonderful option that allows you to decline your Magic Band and use one from a previous visit. You can find this option located on your my Disney Experience account.

Now if you are worried about your old Magic Band not working there are two things you need to know. The first is that the technology within the band that allows you to enter the park, use fastpass and even collect photos from the photopass photographer does not require the battery and therefore will always work. Secondly, there are some functions that do require the battery, so if your band is over 2 years old they may not work if you reuse your band. These are the automatic on ride photos and videos. You can still scan your band at the end of the ride to get your photo but they wont go automatically to your account.

Tip 4: Use Disney Transport

When I first started writing this post, the news of the cost of overnight parking cost at Disney Hotels had not yet broken. Now since we choose to not drive and use Disney transport, the cost doesn’t really impact us but I can see why guests are frustrated and angered by it. However this tip now give’s the onsite visitors an option to not only help the environment a little but also save the cost of overnight parking. It’s simple, don’t hire a vehicle and use Disney transport.


Tip 5 : Reuse the hotel towels or decline housekeeping

This tip could even make you some money! In some of the onsite resort hotels, you now have the option of declining housekeeping. In recognition of the money this saves Disney, they are offering  guests who take up the a gift card! So you could be doing your bit and making money!

If you don’t want to decline housekeeping, and trust me I do get why some people dont, there are still some little things we can do. One of the big ones is just reusing our towels.

Tip 6: Take one longer trip rather that multiple small ones

If you fly to Walt Disney World, there is a good chance that the airfare will be a large percentage of your overall vacation costs. Not only is airfare expensive it has a massive impact on our environment.

Not everyone will have this option but for those of us who visit multiple times a year, maybe one longer trip may be the way to go. We would save one set of airfare, maybe a little bit of the planet and get to be at Disney World Longer! Maybe I am just using being environmentally friendly at Disney as an excuse for a longer vacation….

Disney and the Environment 

Disney as a company does a huge about for the world around us already. From conservation projects to water conservation to recycling to using alternative power sources to help power its theme parks. If you want to read more about the work they are doing, check out this website Walt Disney Company – Environment.

I mean how cool is this Mickey Mouse shaped solar farm…..


Image: Orlando Sentenial

I would absolutely love to hear if anyone has any other suggestions on little things I could be doing on my Disney Adventure to help our planet. Please let me know if you have any in the comments. 

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