My Blogging Goals for 2017

My Blogging Goals for 2017

Well here we are folks, 2017. Happy New Year to everyone! I cant actually believe that we are in 2017 already.

On a travel front 2017 is really looking amazing for me. You can check out where I am off to this year here.  I set up this blog when I first decided I was going to visit every Disney Park in the World – I wanted to document all my trips to look back on forever and share all my Disney knowledge and experiences with everyone. In 2016 this didnt really go to plan. I failed to give my little blog the attention it deserved. Thats why I want 2017 to be different, I want this little place to grow and flourish and I want to be proud of it. I also want to spend more time on other creative projects. To make that happen I have set myself a few goals and I as any good blogger does, I am going to share them with you.

Blogging Goals

  • Set a blogging schedule and stick to it. Twice a week posting minimum.
  • Be more organised and have at least 4 weeks of blog posts written in advance.
  • Launch secondary blog. I want Lisa in Wonderland remain Disney and travel but wish to have a 2nd blog to diversify the topics I write about.
  • Host more competitions. I love entering them so I should be hosting more.
  • Grow my blog subscription list. During a remodel of the blog a few months I removed the subscription box and haven’t got round to putting it back yet so this area is really lacking.
  • Grow annual page views to over 100k.
  • Learn one new thing every month that helps to improve the blog for all my readers.

You Tube Goals

  • Share weekly videos of my amazing travels.
  • Grow subscribers to 500

Social Media Goals

I have been loving the interaction on both twitter and Instagram recently – there are so many amazing like minded Disney fans out there.

  • Grow Instagram followers to 1000
  • Grow twitter followers to 500
  • Increase Facebook likes to 300

Business Goals

  • Launch one new product every month
  • Increase sales every month
  • Grow Instagram followers to 1000

For the first time in ages I dont think I have set totally unrealistic goals. I am so looking forward to the challenge and continuing to share my amazing trips to Disney and the chance to talk about the place I love with people who love it too.

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