Cute treats from Japan, Epcot

One of the things I love about World Showcase in Epcot is all the cute foods from all the countries.

On our recent trip we decided to buy a few Japanese items since we were currently planning a trip there. The shop in Epcot is housed in a replica of the coronation and ceremonial halls of the Japanese Imperial Palace and is called Mitsukoshi Department Store. This is named after the original store in Japan which is over 300 years old.

The amazing thing about all the stores in Epcot is you can get some great inexpensive souvenirs or gifts. Our three items together only cost $14.

WDW info website has info and pictures about all the shops in the World Showcase. Japan Shopping at Epcot: WDW Info

We must have spent ages trying to pick our items but settled on these three:


Pancakes with red bean paste

Wrapped Candies

Hi Chew – which I think is Banana Candy

I know I am 30 and I should be a grown up by now but I bought the pancakes because of the Kawaii character on the packet. Not only that it had a free sticker! My investigations tell me his name is Doraemon – unfortunately I googled him and now and now I must have him in my life. He is a robotic Cat that travels back in time from the 22nd century.


When we go to Japan in March next year I will be on the hunt for merchandise with this cutie.

The pancakes were good but not amazing. They were soft, moist and full of filling. The red bean paste was grainy with just a hint of sweetness.


Up next was the hard candies. I dont even know what they are called but these are so tasty. Incredibly juicy and slightly fizzy. They take forever to eat as they are too hard to crunch. These were our favourites and are already on Novembers shopping list. The flavours were grape, cola, raspberry, lemon and some kind of blue flavour. I have honestly no idea what flavour the blue one is – it had a little glass with a love heart of the packet. It was tasty what ever it was.

I am now regretting not painting my nails!

Lastly we had banana Hi-Chew candy. I think these are quite readily available in the USA but are Japanese originally and we had never tried them. Again these are sooooo nice. If you like banana you should try these. Basically they are chewing gum that you swallow so really chewy and full of flavour.


Overall all our treats were a win! Yeah!

What treats have you have from World showcase that you would recommend we try next time?



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