How we make extra money for travelling

How we make extra money for travelling

Travel: Why couldn’t I pick a less expensive hobby!!

Since 2014 I have been on this most amazing travel journey. Our adventures have taken us to see so many wonderful destinations. I have crossed so many places off my bucket list but my list is still massive. The destinations and experiences have given me memories that I will cherish for life but they have not been kind to my bank balance. There is no denying it – travel is an expensive hobby to have! That is why everyone need’s some extra money for travelling!

Whilst there are many things a family can do to save money on a vacation, there are also a few ways to make some extra before you go. These sites below are all sites I use on a regular basis and have done for many years. Not only have they provided me with some extra money for travelling, I have used them to help pay for Christmas gifts, home improvements and even my wedding.




Websites I use to make Extra Money

Slice the Pie – Join Here

This is a great website where you review songs, mobile phone accessories, clothes and more. You are paid in $ per review and can cash out to paypal when you hit $10. I use this site quite a bit as you can earn really quickly if you have some spare time.

Swagbucks  – Join Here

This would be my favourite of all the sites I use to make a few extra pennies. On here you can do surveys, tasks, watch videos and more to earn Swagbucks. These can be traded in for gift cards or cash into paypal. Normally I cash out as Amazon gift cards and you get a code almost instantly.

Gift Hulk – Join Here

This one is very similar to Swagbucks except you earn Hulk Coins which you can use to purchase rewards of gift cards. I like this one as we can get Walmart gift cards in the UK. On Swagbucks you can get those in the US but not UK. We use these for our big Walmart shop on our Florida holidays. Most gift cars are in $ however there are a few in £.

Clixsense– Join Here

Last but not least is clixsense. This is a slightly different type of site as although you can do surveys and offers to get $ you are also paid to view adds. I use this one least often but I am not really sure why if you put a bit of effort into it you can earn quite quickly.


I hope these help you make some extra money for travelling. If you have any suggestions of sites I should be trying let me know in the comments!

Disclosure: Lisa in Wonderland is a UK based travel blog and is therefore written from a UK perspective. However as our readers are based all over the world, for this post I have selected websites that are open to residents of as many countries as possible. For this reason I have not included any information on tax implications for participating in any program and would strongly suggest you conduct your own research based on your country of residence. Each site has a referral link and if readers sign up via those links we many receive a financial incentive or benefit.

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