My Blogging Goals for 2018 and a quick 2017 Recap

My Blogging Goals for 2018 and a quick 2017 Recap

Am I late with my goals post? Ahh who cares Its my blog I will do what I want!

In 2018, I want to completely shake up Lisa in Wonderland. I absolutely love writing about my Disney adventures but I no longer want it to be the dominant topic. Over the past 3 years I have visited so many other destinations but they have barely made an appearance on here. Next year this will no longer be happening! We are travelling to 4 different Disney parks next year, so don’t worry there will be plenty of Disney, I just want other things too!

Be prepared…..this may be a rather wordy post!

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My Travel Highlights from 2017

Lava Caving in Iceland – Wow what an experience! Not our normal activity but so worth it and we had caves all to ourselves. Just us and our guide. All the other people in the picture were going in just as we were leaving.

It was so grey and miserable when we traveled to London in February. Every picture I have looks this miserable! However it was a highlight as we traveled with family to celebrate my father-in-law’s 60th and it was so nice to experience the weekend with them.

In October we sailed on the Disney Dream for the second time. The cruise was as spectacular as the first time but the stand out experience was our brunch at Palo. Everything was perfect, the setting, the atmosphere, the food, the service, just everything!

Before our cruise in October, we spent just under two weeks at Walt Disney World. The trip was as magical as ever and it is so difficult trying to pick a highlight but it has ended up being something I never expected. Over at Fort Wilderness they did a Headless Horseman event where you got to watch The Legend of Sleepy Hollow in the barn with the Disney horses and then meet the Headless Horseman.

Quick 2017 Recap 

At the start of 2017, I had only really been blogging for a few months. Honestly, I had no idea how hard or easy it would be to achieve any of the goals I had set. Some I came no where close but others, I was really surprised at and came really close.

  • Set a blogging schedule and stick to it. Twice a week posting minimum. Okay, so this one was harder than I imagined. I have no idea the amount of work that goes into blogging. I didnt manage to stick to the two posts a week on a schedule but I did average one post a week, which I am happy with. 
  • Be more organised and have at least 4 weeks of blog posts written in advance. Something I keep trying to do but have never achieved, will be back on the list for 2018. 
  • Launch secondary blog. I want Lisa in Wonderland remain Disney and travel but wish to have a 2nd blog to diversify the topics I write about. Part achieved – the blog exists, domain is purchased and blog designed I have several posts written but I haven’t actually posted them yet at the time of writing. However I do hope to have this done by end of 2017. 
  • Host more competitions. Entering competitions is a hobby of mine, so I should be hosting more. I had two, one on here and one Facebook so I am counting this as done. I know it was only one more that 2016 but I am counting it!
  • Grow my blog subscription list. During a remodel of the blog a few months I removed the subscription box and haven’t got round to putting it back yet so this area is really lacking. This one I achieved and I am very happy with the results. 
  • Grow annual page views to over 100k. This one we achieved and to honest I have no idea how!
  • Share weekly videos of my amazing travels. We have shared, on average, one video per week.
  • Grow subscribers on YouTube to 500. We are not even close at 118
  • Grow Instagram followers to 1000. So close, 965 with a month to go!
  • Grow twitter followers to 500. Midway we are at 205
  • Increase Facebook likes to 300. Done! Just now at over 600

Blogging Goals for 2018

  • Post More! So we had about 50 post in 2017, I want more this year but I am not going to set a number as I dont want to put out posts just to meet the target!
  • Be more organised and have posts written at least 4 weeks in Advance
  • Change the dynamic so more about general travel and less about Disney
  • Make my blog theme more consistent
  • Utilise social media sharing tools
  • Grow email subscription list to 1000
  • Grow YouTube subscribers to 500
  • Increase annual page views to 200K
  • Increase Pinterest followers to 500 and use tailwind to its full advantage. Redo all my pinterest graphics and add ones for posts without
  • Revamp my earlier blog posts to make them more SEO friendly and shareable
  • Work with brands I love and post at least 3 sponsored posts
  • Write at least 3 posts for every destination I visit in 2018

Even with all these goals for next year there is actually only one real goal I want to achieve – NO WORK WEEKENDS!

Just now I work Mon to Friday in my normal doing the 9 to 5 thing. On the weekends I tend to do all my blog and other business work and that has to stop. I want my weekends to be me time, family time, fun time! From January, I want to do all my work during the week so I can just have that quality time at the weekends.  As a side, I am going to close my little businesses – while they both make profit, they just take up too much time.

Overall I am really happy where the blog is at the end of 2017. Like most bloggers, I would like to earn more money from it, but income isn’t going to be the focus for me in 2018. By the end of 2018, I want to look back and see a true reflection of the adventures I have experienced. My worst performing post is, ironically, how I want the blog to be going forward. There may actually be a huge dip in traffic but it will worth it to have something I will be proud of.

Where we are headed in 2018

Frankfurt, San Francisco, San Diego, Disneyland, Universal Hollywood, Krakow, Hamburg, Hong Kong Disneyland, Dublin, Liverpool, Shanghai Disneyland, Tokyo, Disneyland Tokyo, Tokyo Disney Sea and maybe more, who knows?

If you actually read this then well done, I didn’t expect anyone to as I just need it here so I have some accountability to actually achieve all my goals this year!

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