Bob Evans Review : My New Favourite Walt Disney World Offsite Breakfast Location

Bob Evans Review : My New Favourite Walt Disney World Offsite Breakfast Location

If you follow any of my Walt Disney World adventures you will notice we tend to stay and eat within the Disney bubble. We love being onsite at Disney and had not stayed or eaten off-site since 2014 until this year.  On both our trips this year we had the opportunity to try some of our offsite favourites again and try some new places. Whilst I am still an avid promoter of the Disney bubble, it was nice having new experiences.

On our most recent trip, we had one day off site so we decided to try somewhere new. Breakfast at Bob Evans seemed to fit the bill perfectly. This was our first ever experience of Bob Evans not just our first breakfast.  We were staying just off the 192 so chose to eat at the West Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway location.

The restaurant opened at 7am and we arrived not long after. The car park was almost empty but there were quite a few tables filled already. We were seated in a booth.

Unfortunately the wait to order our drinks and food was pretty long. Our server, whilst lovely, seemed rushed off her feet. It appeared that almost all the guests in the restaurant had been seated in her section.

Once our coffee arrived, the wait was forgotten about. The coffee here fitted my tastes perfectly. Full bodied with lots of depth but not too bitter. I am a huge coffee lover and I cannot stand really bitter coffee. Coffee should not be bitter but that seems to be all you get these days. Would have liked to have had more coffee but it was hard to get our server.

Then we had another little hick up – our orders were wrong. Jamie had the completely wrong dish and my potatoes were wrong. Our server was pretty hard to track down but we eventually managed to get the dishes swapped. A little annoying but handled efficiently, once we got our server, and professionally.  It did mean we both ate our sweet things before our savory which felt a little odd.

The Food

First morning breakfast always defeats me so I decided to go with something smallish. Well it turned out to be a huge serving. This is the Farmers choice with hotcakes (pancakes), scrambled eggs and hash browns. Despite looking pretty boring, the food was excellent. Hotcakes were soft and fluffy. Hash brown was the exact balance of crunch required.

Jamie ordered the spicy bacon hash and upgraded to have a side of brioche french toast. Again these don’t really look much on the plate but the flavours were amazing.  The spicy bacon hash was genuinely spicy which is a rarity when we eat out in the USA. Whilst I didn’t try the french toast, I have been informed it was really nice – very sweet but nice.


As you may have gathered by the title of this post, I loved my breakfast at Bob Evans. Service was a bit of a mixed bag. Our server was really nice but she just had too many tables all seated too close in time. There was physically no way she could be everywhere she needed to be when she was needed. Let me be clear, the service was not bad but it could have so easily been perfect.

The food was, as it should be, the star of the show. The dishes were simple but done right. We will definitely be back for breakfast at Bob Evans.


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