Exploring the UK || Best Breakfast in Liverpool; Moose Coffee Review

Exploring the UK || Best Breakfast in Liverpool; Moose Coffee Review

Breakfast is the most important meal of the deal and when on holiday its twice as important. You need a good hearty breakfast to set you up for a day of adventuring. So on our recent trip to the city of Liverpool we set out to locate an establishment to suitably fill our bellies. What we actually stumbled upon, by pure chance, was the best breakfast in LIverpool!

I get it, thats a big claim, best breakfast in Liverpool but we loved our food and the location so much that we actually visited everyday of our trip! Not only was it the best in Liverpool but I think it may be the best breakfast I have ever had on a city break.


The Location

We were staying at the Travelodge around the corner from the Dale Street location of Moose Coffee . This hotel is in such a great location for exploring the city. Whilst there are other locations, even one in Manchester, we chose to visit the same one twice.

The Decor 

Okay to say this place is a bit quirky is a bit of an understatement. Inside the walls are adorned with images of famous moose from history. My favourite being the astronaut moose.

As you would expect,there are lots of antlers on the walls and on the light fittings. Along with fairy lights and industrial finishes. There was nothing in the decor I didn’t like. However there was some things about the inside I wasn’t keen on.  The first being how close the seats are; we heard the entire conversation of the people sitting on the table next to us. They really cram you in and being a bit of a bigger girl, it was hard to navigate between the tables. The second was the temperature – man it was cold in there! The reason was clear – customers coming in for takeaway coffee and breakfast had no where to stand so they were blocking the door from being closed.

The Food

I will start with a bit of a warning here – the portions are huge! Proper American sized breakfasts. Make sure you take this into consideration when placing your order as some of the sides are tempting but you don’t need anymore food. Not only that, the menu here is huge too. Be prepared to spend a fair bit of time just trying to decide what to order.

When it comes to cost, the value for money here was great. Both days our meal came to under £25, which may seem like a lot for breakfast. However when taking into consideration both the quality and quantity of the food, it was actually a small price to pay.

On my first visit, I ordered the Double Dutch – Two large homemade Moose pancakes mixed with chopped smoked sausage and streaky bacon. Topped with two free range Moose style fried eggs, Served with butter & maple syrup.

These were just wonderful. Eggs were perfectly cooked – light, runny yolk and not a hint of grease. The pancakes were out of this world. They were fluffy and light and the sausage and bacon added a wonderful salty yet smokey addition. The sausage and bacon are cooked into the pancake batter so you get the whole range of flavours with every bite.

For my second visit, I was so close to ordering the same thing again but went with the Lone Star Moose instead. Described as – A meat feast of minute steak, gourmet chipolata sausages and our homemade Moose potato hash fried on the griddle with garlic, onion and dijon mustard. Topped with two free range Moose style fried eggs and a griddled tomato, Served with toast. Not being a fan of mustard I asked for it without.

Again my dish was excellent. The potato hash had a nice bite and was beautifully seasoned. It definitely did not need mustard. Steak is a greatly underused breakfast item and after this dish I am going to make it a priority of mine to eat more of it.

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On our first trip Jamie ordered the chicken cheddar waffle with a side order of bacon. This dish doesn’t look much in the picture but it was just wow! The waffles were crunchy but light. The chicken was moist and flavourful and the cheese was just a delight of mature chedderyness. Please don’t be put off by the picture – it was so tasty.

After seeing a customer order it the previous day, on our second visit Jamie ordered the Bronx Brunch; Our delicious homemade potato hash griddled with garlic, onion and mustard mixed with chopped smoked sausage,
streaky bacon, corned beef, peppers and melted cheddar. Served with two free range Moose style fried eggs and toast. To be honest I don’t think I need to write much about this dish as you can see how tasty it was from the picture. They really can make good potato hash here.


Along with all the food, we had to order coffee’s – it was called Moose Coffee after all. They even sell their own bags of beans – you can get some here. Honestly, they were nothing special but were great full rich cups of coffee. Perfect for starting the day.



Okay so whilst I think Moose Coffee is the best breakfast in Liverpool, it wasn’t perfect. Fix the temperature and we would have been close. Every other element was excellent – the food, the value for money, the staff, the decor and atmosphere. It is really going to take a lot for any establishment to beat our experience here. If you find yourself in Liverpool, try to make some time for Moose Coffee. I can guarantee you wont be disappointed.

Have you ever visited Liverpool? Have you Tried Moose Coffee? Did you think it was the best breakfast in Liverpool?  Did I miss another great location? Let me know in the comments, would love to hear about your experience. 

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