Review: Maison De Moggy, Cat Cafe Edinburgh

Review: Maison De Moggy, Cat Cafe Edinburgh

Review of Maison De Moggy = Pictures of Cats

Maison De Moggy is Scotland first ever cat cafe and can be found just off of Edinburgh’s well known Grassmarket area. The cafe is home to 12 adorable kitty’s all with equally adorable French names.

This wasn’t our first visit to the cafe and it wont be our last.


Entrance to the cafe is available on pre-booked slots only and reservations can be made via the cafe website or by telephone. The cafe has no waiting area therefore you are advised not to arrive more than 5 minutes before your booking.

Once it is your time to enter the cafe a staff member will come out and take you through to the cats in small groups. Entrances and exits are double doored so no cats can get out onto the road. Then you will be asked to take your shoes off – there are storage locations for shoes, bags and coats. Please note the storage area is not large so I would not suggest bringing big bags.  You are then free to enjoy the cafe and the cats.

Sebastian (Sea Bass)

One of the amazing staff members will come round and ask if you would like to order anything from the cafe. You are under no obligation to order anything but I would highly recommend it. Maison de Moggy offers a selection of homemade cakes, teas and coffees.

This time we had white chocolate caramel shortbread and it was sooooo good! Somehow I dont have a picture but I do have one of this super cute paw print on my coffee.

Please do not let the cats get your cake. Cats love cake but unfortunately its not good for them.

There are seats dotted through out the cafe for you to sit and enjoy your refreshments.




This place is just amazing. The staff are so nice and are all about the cats. They would do anything to make sure the cats are well looked after. The cats are just on another level – every one is stunning. My favourite is Coco or Elodie.

Elodie is the first ever syphynx cat that I have touched and she feels so weird. Weird in a good way though – soft and rough at the same time.

If you ever have a spare hour in Edinburgh then I would urge you to visit Maison De Moggy, you will have the best time!

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