Travel Guide: Three Days In Reykjavik

Travel Guide: Three Days In Reykjavik

This year I was lucky enough to cross off one of the top items on my bucket list – Reykjavik, Iceland. There is so much to see and do in Iceland that it would take you weeks or even months to cover it it all. Whilst Reykjavik is the biggest city in Iceland, it only covers a very small portion of the island. Since most visitors to Reykjavik are only here for a few days, we will concentrate on activities that can all be easily reached from the city.

Day 1

If you are arriving from the USA or Canada you will arrive at Keflavik airport early in the morning. This is great for maximising your three days in Reykjavik. Arrivals from Europe are normally mid afternoon, which still gives you plenty of time on your first day.

Today is the perfect day for getting to know this quaint little city. Spend the day exploring the city by foot. Start down at the water front and make your way along to Harpa Opera House, making sure you dont miss the Sun Voyager Viking Ship Statue.  Other sights not to miss include the Government House, the flea market and all the amazing street art.

If you need to stop after all the exploring check out Reykjavik Roasters coffee Shop. This popular spot is a perfect location to rest your feet.

Make sure you loaded up on coffee because tonight you will be going on a trip to try and see the Northern Lights. The reason I have put it right in the beginning at the trip as the excursion companies offer you a chance to go out again if you dont get to see the lights.

Whilst my pictures arent up to much, the experience was nothing like I had ever had before. Seeing the lights dance across the sky, takes your breath away.

Our recommendation is to book the tour vis Viator before you go, direct on their website here.

Day 2

Hopefully last night you see the wonders or the aurora borealis and it has you excited to see more of the wonders Iceland offers. It may have been a late night last night but you need to be up early today to head out on the Golden Circle Tour. The first stop on the tour is about 40mins after setting off, so a bit of time to get an extra nap in.

The tour will take you to see where two of the tectonic plates meet. Once side is North America Plate and the other Eurasian. Other stops will include visiting some geysers and a stop at the Gullfoss waterfall. Words cannot describe the beauty you will see and pictures can never do them justice. You need to see these for yourself.

Again, I would recommend booking via Viator. This tour can be booked on their website, here.

Most visitors will have the blue lagoon on their list of Reykjavik Must do’s. Blue Lagoon can be paired easily with the Golden Circle tour. Personally, I would recommend adding the Fontana Wellness on in place of the Blue Lagoon. Fontana Wellness is a geothermal bath and sauna and is much less crowded than Blue Lagoon. 


Dinner tonight would be at the delightful Resto. The food is devine. Ambience is classy and romantic but still feels relaxed and casual. Difficult balance to achieve, but Resto nails it.

Day 3

We have reached the last day of our three days in Reykjavik. If you chose not to add Blue Lagoon or Fontana Wellness onto your tour yesterday, I would recommend doing it this morning. Our last two days have been busy and these are perfect locations to relax.

If thats not for you, how about going down a lava tube cave? What is a lava tube cave, you ask? Well, its a cave that was formed by a tube of lava. Yeah I know that doesn’t sound that exciting but this was actually a super fun activity to do. This was the first time I had done any form of caving and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Next up we suggest you head to the Hallgrímskirkja Church. The views from the top of the church are spectacular. On a clear day, you can see for miles.

Flying back out to the USA may mean that your flight is tonight but if you have one more evening here, dinner should be at Saeta Svinid Gastropub. This place is popular, so book ahead of time to avoid disappointment. Saeta Svinid, serve hearty comfort food accompanied by a great selection of cocktails. They have a nightly happy hour too for great deals on drinks.



Thats it for our whirlwind travel guide for three days in Reykjavik. Jam packed days, filled with unimaginable beauty but barely scratching the surface of Iceland.  This country will steal your heart and I will guarantee, you will be back.

Not booked yet? Then its time to get your bucket list trip to Iceland booked! We visited in March 2017, staying in the FOSSHotel and flying with Iceland Air. You can check out our hotel, and book your own trip over at Expedia.

Let me know in the comments how you would spend three days in Reykjavik, have I missed out any of your must do’s?

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