Save Money on Flight’s to Orlando and Disney World | Travel Tips

Save Money on Flight’s to Orlando and Disney World | Travel Tips

There is no denying it, Disney World is expensive! Park Tickets, accommodation, flights, it all adds up! With all that cost its no surprise that we are all looking for ways to make it cheaper. With quite a few trips under our belt, I think its safe to save we have learned a trick or two on how to save some money on our Orlando trips.  So today I am going to share with you my favourite ways to save money on flights to Orlando.   In reality, most of these tips can be applied to any destination and can be used no matter where you are based.

Tip 1: Don’t fly into Orlando!

Okay so this may seem a bit strange considering you trying to get to Orlando but hear me out. Orlando International Airport is the closest airport to Walt Disney World but it isn’t the only option available. Tampa and Sanford would be my first suggestion. If you are from the UK and spending longer in Orlando I would even suggest looking at Fort Lauderdale or Miami.

These options can be significantly cheaper than Orlando International and in the case of Tampa and Sanford, wont add too much travel time to Walt Disney World. I will cover more of using a flight search tool on my next point but if you use a site like Skyscanner you can actually select the option to show near by airports with your search results, making it very easy to compare prices.


Tip 2: Always use a flight Search tool

Going between all the different airline websites trying to find the best deal can be so time consuming and frustrating, so I don’t do it anymore! Now I use a flight search tool to see what all my options are and compare prices. Currently my favourite is Skyscanner I have flight alerts set up so they send me the best prices for the routes I am looking to travel.

We recently found a great price via Skyscanner for our trip to San Francisco. We knew the airline we wanted to book but put the details into Skyscanner anyways. By searching on Kayak, we found the same exact same flights on there for cheaper than going direct with the airline so we got the flights we wanted for less money just by using the website.

Bonus Tip: If you use Swagbucks you can earn a few extra bucks by going vis Skyscanner. If you don’t use Swagbucks, you can sign up here. Its a great way to save for Disney!

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Tip 3: Consider flying indirect

Just the mention of indirect flights will normally have people recoiling in fear, but they are really not that bad! Due to where we live and the times of year we want to fly to Orlando, we often don’t have any direct or non-stop flight options available to us. That means its indirect or no Disney!

Flying with one or more stop can save a lot of money for a family. Looking at some sample dates in August on Skyscanner, flights from my local airport are £1000 ($1370) per adult for a direct flight and indirect are only £770 ($1050). Just for me and my husband indirect would save us £460 ($630).  There are also lots of other benefits to flying indirect, which I will save for another post. Just now I will leave you with just the thought of the savings!

(prices correct January 2019)

Tip 4: Vacation for an odd amount of days

Normally most of us will follow a set pattern of how many days we visit Walt Disney World. US Guests will travel Monday to Friday, Friday to Monday, Saturday to Saturday. Guests from the UK will visit for a standard one week or two weeks arriving on a Saturday. This pattern that most of us follow creates increased demand on certain days which in turn increases prices on the days we want to fly. We can get around this by changing up our patten. Add an extra day on, come home a day early, do 15 nights instead of 14 or arrive on a Tuesday instead of a Monday.

When we went on Honeymoon, it was significantly cheaper for us to fly home from Walt Disney World after 13 nights. Normally us Brits travel for 14 nights, but by just dropping one day we were able to save over £500 ($685) on flights. Whilst the savings may not be the same for your trip, especially for my US readers, changing it up can still have a big difference.

Bonus Tip: Book a Package Holiday

Okay so I am.based in the UK so whilst all my other tips would apply to anyone flying in from anywhere to Orlando, I have no idea if this tip would! So this is one for all my UK readers…Don’t discount the package holiday!

We don’t use a travel agent and we book every thing separately on our own. Our accommodation is often covered and flights are our only concern. However on at least two of trips we have found booking a whole package holiday cheaper. For our 2017 Orlando trio we booked flights direct from the UK and two weeks hotel for less than the cost of flights on their own! We did use one night of the accommodation but there would be no need to actually use the hotel. We booked that trip via Thomas Cook but could have gotten a very similar price via Expedia.

Do you have any tips on how to save money on flights to Orlando, that you think I have missed? I would love to hear them because I am always looking for ways to save more money. Or if you have used any of my tips and saved some money, drop me a comment. Love to hear about my readers saving money!


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