Our weekend in Frankfurt

Our weekend in Frankfurt

When I booked our weekend in Frankfurt, I can honestly say I knew nothing about the city. I didn’t even know if there would be anything to do on a cold weekend in January but I booked the flights anyway. You want to know why? Well, they were cheap. Unbelievably cheap. To spend the weekend in Frankfurt our return flights were less than £20 per person.

Well them being cheap wasn’t the only reason, we had visited other parts of Germany before and were desperate to return and I had been looking for a weekend break to celebrate our 10 year anniversary. Back in 2012, when we got married, we switched out celebrating our anniversary of getting together, with our wedding one but 10 years seemed like something worth recognising.

Once I booked, I did the same thing I always do when researching a destination – get onto Pinterest! However Pinterest really failed me things time. Yes there were the odd post about Frankfurt but not the regular scrolls and scrolls of information I was used to, was Frankfurt a bad choice of destination? Keep reading to find out all about our weekend!

Flights to Frankfurt

For our trip to Frankfurt we flew Ryanair. I suspect you may have already guessed that from the price tag! Depending on your departure location, Ryanair fly into both Frankfurt airport and Hahn Airport. Frankfurt is the largest airport in Germany and only 13 minutes by train from the city centre whilst Hahn is about 40-50 minutes away.

From the UK there are several other airlines who fly into Frankfurt including Lufthansa and British Airways. Based on price point, Ryanair are hard to beat. They have a bad reputation but I think its completely undeserved. Every flight of Ryanair’s I have been on has been excellent.

What to do on your weekend in Frankfurt

Frankfurt is a compact city with most attractions in walkable distance. That means it is really easy to hit two or three attractions in a day. However, when visiting any destination in the winter, it important to remember that many locations may have reduced opening hours. Below are our favourites and places we would recommend you visit.

German Film Museum

Before flying out to Frankfurt, I had seen the German Film Museum recommended on a few guides. I did have some reservations as I was worried everything would be in German and it would be a waste of time. There was no need to be worried as all the displays have the descriptions in both German and English. The museum takes you through the history of moving image’s from creation all the way up to the modern day.

Main Tower

Its not really a city break without a trip up a high building to see the cityscape. The elevator ride to the 54th floor might make your ears pop on the way up but the view is completely worth it.

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Römer is a medieval building that serves as the current Frankfurt city hall. If you are visiting to see the Christmas markets, the square in front of the building will house lots of stalls and food outlets full of festive cheer. The surrounding area is fun to explore with lots of beautiful traditional looking buildings.

Frankfurt Zoo

Whilst Zoo’s are not for everyone, we had lots of fun visiting Frankfurt Zoo.  There is a wide range of animals, including Tigers, Hippos, Giraffes and many more, even ants! There was easily enough to do and see to spend 2-3 hours here.


The Food

Food is a massive part of any trip for me. I love trying local cuisine and trying to eat at all the best spots. Germany has a very casual feeling to its dining. Be prepared to be seated at a long table with other diners. We even saw people eating outside in January!

Chicken Makhani from EatDoori

Frankfurt Platter from Römer Pils Brunnen

Notable Observations

Having visited other parts of Germany we noted that Frankfurt wasn’t quite as clean as we had come to expect. This is not a dirty city, still cleaner than London, but not as pristine as Berlin.

Again comparing to other parts of Germany, there seemed to be a lot more drinking in the street. I get this is common in Germany cities but the large groups of men hanging about outside shops at night did make me feel slightly uncomfortable.


Frankfurt doesn’t have the the returnability as other Germany cities so I am not sure if we will return but we still had a delightful time. Many people visit Frankfurt on a layover and I think the city is perfect for that. There are not masses of things to do, but plenty of diverse activities to keep you occupied on a shorter trip.  Whilst I wont put it at the top of your bucket list, it is definitely worth a visit.

Most of the attractions in Frankfurt are reasonably priced and great value for money. Perfect if you are looking for a cheap weekend away.

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