Sunday Confession: Disney Store Japan Wish List

On the back of my wish list post last week my mind wandered onto the amazing merchandise I will be able to get in Japan. I ended up on the Disney Japan Store website and here is my confession – I have over 50 items in my pretend shopping basket. Oops so glad its not a real shopping basket or I would be too poor to actually go to Japan.

Here are my 5 favourite items in my basket:

Disney Cats Snow Globe

The website has this Kiss me Cat section featuring all the Disney cats and my favourite item is this snow globe. Its just amazing and some characters that don’t get enough merchantman. It does have a huge price tag of 12,960 Yen which is about ¬£80! Ouch!


Tissue Box Cover

I am not entirely sure how I have managed to go through life without a tissue box cover! I will be fixing that on our trip. How cute do Chip and Dale look?

tissue box.PNG


This collection of Toy Story Stationery

Its Toy Story….need I say more!


Donald and Friend Cafe Plate

I think we should all eat our food on plates with sections – its like being a kid again.

donald plate.PNG

Oyster Wind chime

This is easily the weirdest item I have on my list and probably the weirdest bit of Disney merchandise I have ever seen. This is a wind chime featuring the baby oysters from Alice in Wonderland. I have never seen anything like it before.


I better get saving because I think Japan is going to be an expensive trip….



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