Who Am I?

Who Am I?

So the past few months I have been back on forth, do I write a blog, do I not write a blog, do I tell the world about my trip or do I not tell them. Who would read it for a start? Or are blogs an if you write it they will read kind of deal? And if I got them to read would they enjoy it cause lets face it I am not witty, I am a grump and I only got a 4 in Standard Grade English. Not sure what standard grade equivalent is in other countries but let me say it was, for me, a bad result in high school English.

As you can see I decided that I didn’t care and I was going to write the blog anyway. Even If I am the only person who reads it. Lets get started then with the who and what this blog is all about…

My name is Lisa, I live just outside Glasgow, Scotland, 29 for another few months, married to Jamie and mum to two gorgeous black and white kittys. I love Disney and as you can tell by the name, Disney is the reason for the blog. In particular Walt Disney World. As a child I dreamed of going to going to Orlando and in 2010 myself and my husband made that dream come true. Ever since I first stepped from out from under the railway and on to Main Street USA I was hooked. I never wanted to leave. Since then we have been back 4 times and have another Orlando trip planned later this year for my 30th Birthday.

When thinking about travel plans next year obviously WDW was top of the list but we knew that we wanted to do something big before we had to get serious with life (i.e. give my parents the grandchild they are begging for) so the plan had to be bucket list worthy. Initially the plan started with two weeks in WDW with a Disney cruise but that wasn’t enough. Disneyland turned 60 this year and celebrations are expected to run into 2016 so maybe we could visit there to. Okay two holidays to two Disney’s in one year was amazing but it wasn’t enough. What about if we went to every Disney Park in the world in 12 months? That’s bucket list worthy right? Yeah I think that is a good enough plan! So it was set, we would travel round the world visiting all the parks with a few extras thrown in.

Then we hit our first problem….annual leave! No way could we have enough time off to do them all. So we have decided to start the trip in Sept 2016 and finish where we started in Sept 2017.

So our current plans are:

Sept 2016            Walt Disney World and cruise on Disney Dream

Nov 2016             San Francisco, Disneyland and California Adventure – hoping they extend the celebrations!

March 2017         Disneyland Paris

May 2017             Shanghai Disneyland, Hong Kong Disneyland, Disneyland Tokyo and Disney Sea

Sept 2017            New Orleans Road Trip and Walt Disney World

The last two could swap around or change completely.

Hopefully our plans have caught your interest and you read along with our plans and stick around for our adventure.


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