Practice Trip – Day 2

There is nothing more amazing than waking up in Disney World. Even if it is only 4.45am! We always wake up super early on our first day. In fact when I woke at 4.45am Jamie was already up and showered and having a coffee on the balcony.

After getting showered myself I sat with Jamie and we waited for the sunrise. It couldn’t be more perfect.  We spent quite a bit of time playing about with the new camera and watching the animals. The first pictures are not great but I got better at as the holiday went on – honest!


I would recommend everyone stay at this resort once in their life – nothing will beat waking up in the morning and looking out from your balcony and seeing a giraffe having his breakfast.

We left the room about 7.20 and headed to Boma for our breakfast. If you have read our food report you will see that the lovely server we had brought me a cupcake for my birthday.

2015-11-10 08.02.54

Birthday Cupcake

There was no way I could eat it after my breakfast so we took it back to the room before heading for the bus to Magic Kingdom. The queue was huge but we managed to get on the second bus to MK. We were at Magic Kingdom by 9.10am. We were home.


I am not quite sure how but we ended up in Frontierland where two cheeky chappies were hanging out.



We then ending up going back on ourselves and headed over to one of my favourite rides ever – Haunted Mansion. The wait time made me chuckle.


wait time 13 minutes….

The queue here is really fun. There is even a murder mystery to be solved on your way round. Anyone know who the killer is?

We had a fastpass for Big Thunder next. Normally we plan our fastpass for later in the day but as it was the first day we expected to leave the park early. Big Thunder went down whilst we were in the queue – gutted. As they didnt expect it to come up for a while we were given an anytime paper fastpass that was valid our entire trip – yay!

Pirates only had a ten minute wait so we did that next. I will make a confession here – I used to hate this ride! Our first few trips I just didnt get it – what was the point of a silly little boat going round some crappy pirate scenes. But last trip I decided just to accept it for what it is – a silly little boat ride -and I developed an affection for it. Its so cute.

Our second fastpass was used on space mountain – have they changed this ride? It seemed so much smoother and more comfortable than last time. I came off without any bruises, result!

Now for the scariest ride of the day – Tomorrowland Speedway with Jamie at the Wheel.

Jamie was just driving a long having a great time….


I on the other hand feared for my life….


More criss crossing of the park now – over to little mermaid which had an advertised 10 minute but was really a walk on and back again to use our fastpass at Buzz Lightyear. I won 101k to 81k.

We were now flagging – the pre 5am start, the heat and our long travel day yesterday were taking its toll. Before heading back to the hotel I wanted to deal with a long time fear of mine – face characters. If you are not sure what that means, its characters that dont wear a full costume. Mickey and Minnie etc are fur characters, Princesses, Fairy Godmother, Peter Pan etc are face characters.

Meeting by the tea cups was the Mad Hatter and Alice. Not one but Two face characters. I was jumping in at the deep end. Social interactions with people are not really my thing – most of the time I would rather a conversation with my cats – they make me nervous and this one was no different. In the end it was actually some of the best character interactions I have ever had. The Mad Hatter decided I was a human colouring book and they spoke away to me for ages. Fear officially conquered.

As we walked towards the exit we nipped into Mickeys Philharmagic – this is a wonderful attraction and nearly always a walk on or small wait.

Back to the room to enjoy watching the animals from the balcony and eat my free cupcake. We just sat there in the sunshine until it was time for dinner. At about 4 we left to walk to Kidani. Its here I have to make my second confession – our pre trip plans are wrong. Right up until the week we left to go on holiday I was 100% convinced I had booked to stay at Kidani but I was so wrong. I had booked Jambo house all along – sorry folks.

Kidani doesn’t have the huge wow factor that Jambo lodge has but it is still beautiful. It also has this awesome guest..


Our dinner at Sanaa was just perfect. I really understand now why it gets such amazing write ups and our server Christopher was just really sweet.

We spent some time looking at all the animals this hotel has. There are a few that only live here and not at Jambo House.

We had experienced a perfect first day but were exhausted. The rest of night involved American trashy tv and bed by 9.30pm!


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