Practice Trip – Day 3

I woke up at the awful time of 3.10 but luckily managed to drift back to sleep and start the day at a more respectable time of 6.30. Up and dressed we left the room by 7.30. Animal Kingdom park was having extra magic hours and we were at the park by 8.05am.

We really love this park and really dont think it gets the love it deserves. It is such a relaxing park and there is so much to see especially if you love animals.

The boy monkeys were already up and swinging about. I could watch them for hours. They always seem to be having the time of their lives.

Our first ride of the day was Expedition Everest which only had a 5 minute wait. We do actually like the ride even though our faces say different.


We walked back the way to see the Lemurs. This trip will have me sounding like a broken record but I love lemurs. Really I just love all animals even the ugly ones. I just cant do spiders…..petrified of them. All animals but no spiders.

I had forgotten to change the settings on my camera so stupidly the tree is in focus and the lemurs are not – oops!

Right next to the Lemurs is where Dug and Russell meet. These are two on my favourite characters although I think they are missing out by having no Mr Fredricksen.

Jamie’s favourite animal is the crocodile so off we went to see him.


Right in the enclosure next to him was a tortoise munching away on his breakfast. He was so cute – we had never seen him before so not sure if he is a recent addition to the park or not. He looked so vicious eating his vegetables – dont mess with him, I think he could take your fingers off!


We had a quick go on Dinosuar – this ride really throws you about. Its a good ride but not a must do for us.


It was about 9.30 now and we planned to head to Epcot but we had stupidly forgotten to bring our ID and we knew we would want a drink late on.  We headed back to the hotel and after a quick change headed back out to Epoct. The day was still early when we arrived – it was only 11am but it was hot hot hot!

Today was veterans day and Epcot was crazy busy. I have never seen so many people in one park. We had booked a few FP+ and our first was for Mission Space. Always team green!


Never actually tied the orange – I am scared that the rest of my day would be spent with my head in a toilet! For some reason I am always the navigator.

Our main purpose for today was the Food and Wine festival – we ate loads. I dont want to repeat my food blog so here is a link to all the amazing food we ate today: Food Report 2015 Day 3. We ( I really mean I) also wanted to see Hanson perform tonight. Back when I was a pre-teen I loved Hanson however the heat was really getting to me. I felt so drained by it- there was no way I was going to make it till the first showing at 5pm.

We headed into Mexico for the air conditioning and one of my favourite boat rides in WDW. The Gran Fiesta Tour had other ideas – a 30 minute queue. What? No way were we waiting in that.  We like the ride but its not worth waiting that length of time.

Back out to the heat we must. I actually just looked on accuweather to see what the temp was this day and the high was only 85 but it felt much higher. We headed to Spaceship Earth for our next FP+.  How do people get good pics of the screen? Mine are some of my worst.


Upon exiting we gave up – I was just too tired and hot. We chilled out on the balcony – you know what that really mean’s, I spent the time looking at the giraffes and taking dodgy pictures.

We headed down to try out the pool but as soon as we got settled on a lounger the sun went away and it was a little chilly – typical.

Dinner was our next challenge – we had expected to still be in Epcot. After looking at available adrs for this evening nothing took our fancy. We were going to head to Disney Springs or another resort for a quick service when we had a brainwave – the Boardwalk. There are quite a few options on the Boardwalk for food and two of the table service restaurant dont take reservations – Big River Grille and ESPN. We were just going to make our mind up when we got there.

We really like the Boardwalk – its so quaint. We took the bus over to Hollywood Studios and as weren’t in a rush got on the friendship boat. Although the boat goes to the Boardwalk the best place to get off was the Swan and Dolphin and walked to the Boardwalk. Our laziness won and as you get to Big River Grille first that where we were going to eat.

After dinner we went for a stroll but were sidetracked by the bakery. Huge cupcakes were purchased and boxed up to take back to AKL.

Once back at the resort I ate my cupcake in my pjs and went to bed by 9pm. So rock and roll. I am actually really embarrassed at how early we went to bed this trip but you really need a longer trip to adjust to the time zone.

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  1. January 31, 2016 / 7:01 pm

    Animal Kingdom Park was my favorite of the 4 parks at Disney World! I loved the safari ride and really got a kick out of seeing the wallaby! Did you get to see the Lion King show? That was fun, too. And of course, Mt Everest is a new favorite ride.

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