Practice Trip – Day 4

Today we broke with tradition – we stayed in one park all day. I know that doesn’t sound odd to most people but we are serial park hoppers and mid day nappers. I have no idea how people do this all holiday.

Our day started at 6.30am and as we had planned on being out all day did a bot of packing for our hotel move tomorrow. Off to Hollywood Studios about 10am.

We stopped off for a photopass picture first.


We have so many pictures in this spot over the years – I was a bit gutted when the hat went away as it was all I had known but the Chinese Theatre makes a beautiful backdrop.

Just because I love to be embarrassed – here is a  pic from our honeymoon in 2012 with the hat and a really dodgy pic from our first trip in 2010. RIP Hat!


We headed round to Pixar Place to meet Woody and Buzz. There was this really annoying family in front of us in the queue – they were taking loads of pics of their kids but kept leaving one little boy out. He was really sad and just wanted to be in the pictures but they wouldn’t let him.

It was just before 11am and we hadnt eaten anything. We headed down to starring rolls. This is a great little lunch spot with nice simple sandwiches full of filling.

Beauty and the beast was next. I think this is such a great show – however will all the closures at DHS I fear for its saftey. Hopefully its location means it will remain but I am fearful.

Now was the time for the only ride in Disney that really scares me – The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. The ride is just awesome but that suspense before the drop has my stomach in knots. If you have a Magic Band and Memory Maker there if a nifty little video added to you account of you on the ride.


Adrenaline pumping we joined the single rider queue on Rock n Roller Coaster. We got two little bits of pixie dust here, first we ended up one in front of the other and secondly my ears went flying out from the pocket on the ride when we went upside down and I was able to catch them with my foot and stand on them the rest of the ride. Jammy.

There was some time to kill so we stopped off at Starbucks and then headed to the next little mermaid showing.  We had never seen this show and it is so sweet and simple. I really do expect this show to close for Toy Story land so see it while you can!

We walked through what is left of Walt Disney – One Man’s Dream. It had a great preview at the end of The Good Dinosaur but I miss the old video.


Toy Story Midway Mania – never once have I won at this ride and today was no different. I am just awful at it and it hurts my arm. Is it just me it hurts? Still FP it every time though.

We stopped off for ice cream and then used our last FP+ of the day on Star Tours. Sometimes on this ride I get motion sickness and today was one of those days – I felt awful. It always happens when we get the pod racing version. My feeling sick wasnt going to ruin our day as we were now off to our ADR at Minnie’s Holiday and Dine at Hollywood and Vine. We managed to eat a lot of food – too much food actually.  Here is a link to our review of the meal – Minnie’s Holiday and Dine Review

It truly was one of our best character meals ever and is already on our list for our Nov trip this year. Hope the reviews remain positive from all the different ones throughout the year.

We wandered round the streets of America looking at all the cool decorations.

Hollywood studios to me has the best of all the evening entertainment in Disney World- Fantasmic. We hadn’t fastpassed the show but still got great seats by going early. I dont want to give any show spoilers away and my photos are the show are complete rubbish so all I will say is that it was as spectacular as ever.

At home I have been known to put the fantasmic soundtrack on and pretend to be Mickey Mouse. That’s normal right?

There was only one thing left on the plan tonight and it was something I had dreamed of seeing for years – The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights. They were Magical. I am so grateful to have seen them. That might sound like a complete exaggeration but they were just magical. I made a little crappy video.



At some point today we also became the owners of this Mickey Popcorn bucket – we had him on display all Christmas.

We left the park just before closing and I headed to bed as soon as we got back to the room.






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