Practice Trip Report November 2015- Day 5

Another early start 6.30am – but today there was a good reason for it. Today was the day we moved to the Polynesian Resort.

A little background here – Back in 2012 while we were on Honeymoon we did the DVC tour. We had no intention of buying in but we were given a $100 gift card for our troubles and Disney do not give you a hard sell. Once we heard about the DVC rooms at the Polynesian we knew we would have to do the tour again. So in March 2015 we did the tour again with the complete intention of just looking but came away proud DVC members.

And today was the first time we would ever stay at our home resort! Excited is the understatement of the year – all those years of dreaming that I could ever afford to stay there and here I was about to check in as a DVC owner.

But before all that we had a morning at Animal Kingdom planned. We arrived at about 9.20am and stopped of at a photopass picture and to see a few animals on our way to Kilimanjaro Safaris.


The safari had changed since our trip in March – I wont spoil it for anyone but its a nice little addition. They have also just added Hyenas to the savannah – they were still a bit shy so we only caught a tiny glimpse of them.

Back to Expedition Everest – we actually look like we are having fun this time!


We stopped off for lunch at Yak and Yeti quick service. This was a completely new venue for lunch and its great – so different than what you would expect as theme park fare.

After sweets from Harambe Market we headed down to Lion King. In my notes I wrote Jamie doesnt really like this show but if I am honest I think he hates it and only watches it to get husband brownie points. I dont like spoiling the show for people who have not seen it but if you would like to see it there are loads of excellent quality videos on YouTube.

More animals next as we went along the Patagonia trail. I could watch the Gorilla and Tigers all day. The baby Gorillas were so tiny on our March visit – well tiny compared to the other gorillas. When we seen him today they were so much bigger – it was amazing to see how much they had grown.

I also get to share once again my favourite picture from this trip:  so cute I might  just burst. Go all he way to Disney and my favourite picture is of a mum and baby meerkat.


We left the park and headed to the Poly -ahhh!!! However we realised we has made a split stay rookie mistake – our passports were in our luggage that we had given to bell services to transport from AKL and they weren’t here yet. We couldn’t check in without id!

It was a disaster but a wonderful cast member on the desk sorted it for us! It resulted in her getting managers, phone calls back and forth to AKL and multiple magic band scans but we were allowed in. We will never make that mistake again!

The room was just as perfect as I remembered on our DVC room tour. Once in the room our thoughts immediately turned to food and an adr at Kona was booked. We wanted to get changed but our bags hadnt arrived yet so we went for a monorail adventure.

Okay it wasnt really an adventure as all we did was get the monorail to other hotels to see their gingerbread houses but adventure sounded good. They were so cute. Wished we had gone to see the others at the Boardwalk


Our bags arrived just as we got back to the room and after a quick shower we were off to Kona. Yummy food again! Then we had the idea to go to Trader Sams.

Wow I just love that place! We had two drinks each and a $90 bar bill! The dearest drinks I have ever ordered but it was worth it for the experience.  I cant wait to try the one in Disneyland.

here is my full review on the dining report.

Although we had only had two drinks each I am not ashamed to say we were both slightly tipsy. Well maybe more than tipsy – oops!

After grabbing some snacks from Captain Cooks we got some sun loungers and waited on the beach for Polynesian. I knew as soon as the fireworks started we had made the right decision to buy DVC and I knew we were truly home.  It was just perfect lying on a lounger on the beach watching wishes.







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