Practice Trip – Travel Day 1

Thank you to everyone who has been reading along so far and welcome to anyone starting here! I appreciate every reader 🙂 I will start by apologising about today – we took hardly any pictures!

Our travel day started on a Monday morning in November at 4am! I think it should be illegal to have to get up this early but its normal for Jamie as he starts work very early in the mornings. We got showered and sorted a few final bits of housework and we ready for our lift at 5am. Luckily my father-in-law  leaves for work around this time too so offered to run us to the airport.

2015-11-09 04.51.09

Obligatory luggage shot!

We live very close to the airport. We live so close we were actually at the airport, had completed bag drop and through security by 5.22am.  This also included Jamie having the liquids in his bag going through an additional random check.

Highlight of our airport trip was seeing John Kennedy buying himself a cheeky wee starbucks.

Our flight took off on time but it was a very bumpy take off. I am not scared of flying but I really didnt like this take off – we were up and down and side to side. Once we were up it was fine and breakfast was quickly served. Its a very short flight to Gatwick and before we knew it we were coming into land 10 minutes early.

The thing I had most about going in-direct via Gatwick is you have to do security again. Security here was slow and I find the staff a bit rude. Once through we had a few hours to kill so got sandwich meal deals from WH Smith to help eat away the boredom. However once back in the main departures area I realised my crisps were out of date. I took them back and the staff told me just to pick another bag.  When I looked at the shelf’s everybag of McCoys was out of date. Yuk! Poor show WH Smith!

Our flight to Orlando left about 10 mins late but overall it was a good flight. Both myself and Jamie got a few hours of sleep and watched a few films. We both watched Inside out for the first time – what a great film! I am officially in love with Bing Bong.

download (4)

Who’s your friend who likes to play? Bing Bong, Bing Bong!

When we landed a miracle occurred – the immigration hall was empty! We were at the carousel in under 10 minutes and within half an hour of landing we were on the magical express heading to our resort. Yay!

Our room at Animal Kingdom Lodge was stunning.

I adored this carpet with the little hidden mickey and the Simba on the tile in the kitchenette.

My only complaint is the rooms are dark. I have read in the last week that they are changing some of the soft furnishings to brighten up the rooms a bit so looking forward to seeing that.

We had planned to go to Magic Kingdom tonight but we had a bit of a drama. We had ordered items to be delivered to our hotel and the hotel acknowledged they had arrived but didn’t know where they were. I was in a complete panic and didn’t really want to go to the park till I knew where my stuff was. It was Christmas presents and items for family that was missing.

We stuck around the resort and headed over to Mara for some dinner and by the time we got back to our reception they had located the items. They had moved them over to the other part of Animal Kingdom lodge and no one could explain why. I was so relived when they brought all this to our room:

We used Mokingjay Services to hold all our items before we came to Orlando. Its such a great service and Lisa who runs it is such a nice person.

Before bed we decided to try and see some of the animals at the lodge. In Jambo house you can go outside and their is a cast member who hand out night vision goggles. We spent some time looking at the Animals out on the Savannah. It was the perfect end to a day.  If you ever visit the lodge at night it is so worth doing. The animals were really active.

After that there was only one thing for it….bed!

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