Trip Report November 2015 – Day 6

Today is the day I stopped taking notes – so sorry! Everything from today till we go home is based on memory and the pictures we took.

Today started with a beast of a breakfast. I know I have already shared the pic on the food report but Tonga Toast is just the most perfect sugary banannay beast. What I wouldn’t give to be able to eat that just now!


One of the great things about our room at the Polynesian resort was we could walk to the TTC quicker that we could walk to the monorail at the resort. This might not be a positive for everyone as we were slightly further away from the main lobby but being able to get to TTC so quickly was great for getting the boat to Magic Kingdom.

It is such a beautiful way to reach the park. Watching the castle come into view is just Magical.

Today was Saturday and the park was busy! We are not very good at queues – I know i get the irony! Love theme parks holidays but cant cope with queues.

We started with a picture just at the castle with the partners statue.

DSC00799 (2).JPG

We wandered the park aimlessly looking for something with a short queue. A tall order in MK on a Saturday. My Disney Experience was telling me meeting Ariel was only 20 mins. Now if you have read the rest of the report you will know I dont do well with face characters. Unfortunately this one didn’t go as well as meeting Alice on day 2. I felt so awkward! Ariel was lovely but I am back to not liking face characters!


We  joined the queue for Haunted Mansion but it was too long and too hot so we only lasted a few mins. Haunted Mansion queue is all outside and gets uncomfortable when its hot. Instead we decided to take a trip round Rivers of America on the Liberty Belle. This was new for us and a nice way to see different parts of the park.


After this we admitted defeat – for now. Back to the Polynesian it was!

Back at the resort I found this guy in the shop:


I still haven’t worked out how to get him on the plane without buying him his own seat so he had to stay at the resort. I still want him so badly and one day he will be mine!


You cant stay at the Polynesian and not have a dole whip float so thats exactly what we done.

DSC00832 (2).JPG

After this pineapple dream we spent some time at the pool. There were cast members playing a tv show intro’s game. Turns out we were pretty awful at it.

Unable to accept a day of defeat we went back to Magic Kingdom in the late afternoon- this time we were armed with fastpasses. We spent a lot of our time eating tonight – oops.

Our first fastpass was to meet the main man РMickey!


Our others were Pirates of the Caribbean and Haunted Mansion but we never really took any pictures and after that we admitted defeat again. MK on a Saturday is just not for us!

We picked up more food at Captain cooks and ate it in bed.


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