Disney Springs: Chef Art’s Homecoming Florida Kitchen Review

Disney Springs: Chef Art’s Homecoming Florida Kitchen Review

Welcome to our review of the new Chef Art’s Homecoming Florida Kitchen

With all the new eateries at Disney Springs sometimes it is really hard to know where to go.  On our last vacation we were staying at Saratoga Springs and since you call walk to Disney Springs from here, thought we would try a few of the new places.

First on our list was Chef Art’s Homecoming. Before our trip I must have watched at least 50 YouTube videos of this restaurant. The food all looked divine.

We arrived about 15 mins before our reservation and were advised we could sit inside at the bar or sit in the outside area and wait. We decided to wait in the outside seating area until our buzzer went off.

The buzzer went off exactly at our adr time and we were lead to a seat just back from the kitchen. This place is so pretty inside. It is classy, comfortable and stylish. Above the kitchen there is a wonderful mural above the kitchen pass. Its all very kitsch – in a nice way! All the staff wear this super cute jeans and checked shirt combo. Guests are really made to feel like they are home.

The Food

When it comes to food ordering I don’t deal well with pressure. If I don’t know what I am ordering then I will just send the server away. My husband, Jamie, is very different. If he hasn’t made his mind up he will just see what he says when the server comes.

This meal my husband ordered as soon as the server appeared. The pressure was now all on me – I didn’t know what I wanted and I couldn’t send him away. In my panic I ordered the Grouper. I like fish and I liked the accompaniments – greens and sweet potato.

When my food arrived the server told me the kitchen has ran out of greens and he had ordered me biscuits instead. Just going to put this out there – I hate biscuits. The other side my dish came with was sweet potato. The problem with the sweet potato is they made it even sweeter! The were served in a little skillet but were covered in syrup.

Now my meal wasn’t awful, it just wasn’t what I wanted. I have to place most of that blame on myself. I should have told the server I needed more time and I should have declined the biscuits.


Jamie ordered the catfish sandwich. He really enjoyed his meal although it wasn’t really anything special. The catfish was a bit slimy but apart from that there wasn’t actually anything wrong with his meal. The plate did look very boring.

Since my meal was disappointing we chose not to have anything else and paid our bill and left.


This restaurant is stunning inside. It feels very quaint and homely. I loved that aspect. Unfortunately for me, my entrée wasn’t really up to much. As I stated above, I am accepting all the fault for that one. There were so many wonderful plates whizzing by from the kitchen – I had food envy for them all! I truly believe that if I had ordered something else I would be shouting about how much I love this place.

We will try this restaurant again and next time I am ordering the fried chicken.

Has anyone else tried Chef Art’s Homecoming yet? Let me know what dishes you ordered and what you thought. Was that friend chicken as good as it looked?


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  1. Susan
    August 2, 2017 / 1:54 am

    Hmm. Bread should not replace a vegetable. We ate there in December and I was disappointed in the chicken. The only piece with a taste of their seasoning was the thigh. I like my chicken crispy and this was not. Mashed potatoes were not special. My husband had fried catfish and liked it. We were neither impressed with the hush puppies. He ordered moonshine cake and there was just a bit of the moonshine on it. We probably will try it one more time and order different items.

  2. Kelly
    October 3, 2017 / 1:02 pm

    I urge you to go back! Their chocolate pecan pie is absolutely the best dessert I have has anywhere. It is gooey like a freshly baked cookie, and they add vanilla ice cream and salted pecans on the side. It it just the perfect combination of all things good. Also, the fried green tomatoes, hush puppies (the pimento cheese that comes with I could eat off my shoe it was so yummy), and the deviled eggs are really good! Go back for apps and dessert. You will change your tune. The chicken and dumplings was awful though, I love salt but it was inedibly salty even for me. I will go back every single trip for that pie though. I think they will continue to refine the menu.

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