My Mini Walt Disney World and Disney Cruise Haul : October 2017

My Mini Walt Disney World and Disney Cruise Haul : October 2017

Normally when we go to Disney World there are a million things I want to buy. This year I have been deliberately reserved in my purchases. Next year we go to all the Disney Parks we haven’t yet visited – California, Shanghai, Tokyo and Hong Kong. That means that next year my haul is going to be HUGE!! For that reason I avoided most of the stores in Walt Disney World but did pick up a few things on our Disney Cruise.

Walt Disney World

For some reason we came home with a crazy amount of Mickey straws!

I am not a pin collector although over the years I have picked up a few. If you have seen my Instagram, you will have seen that my husband and I attended Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween Party as young Carl and Ellie from Up. Whilst I had purchased a grape soda pin before I traveled to the USA it was only intended to be a back up incase we couldn’t get the pin below. This pin is super heavy – I actually was convinced it would fall off because its so heavy.

The second pin is from Return to Sleepy Hollow event at Fort Wilderness. This pin is exclusive to guests who attended the event. I will do a full review in the next few weeks, as it was amazing,  but basically the event was watching the legend of sleepy hollow in the Tri-Circle D Ranch Stable.

Disney Dream – Disney Cruise Line

Nearly all of my little haul came from on board the Disney Dream. We were lucky to receive some onboard credit and I chose to spend it all in the stores – mainly on stationery items!

I just love the book of sticky notes. Especially because they are called Sea ya real soon. Do you Sea what they did?

I also couldn’t say no to this book of stickers. I can guarantee they will all stay in the book as they are just too cute to use.

My favourite stationery item was the dry erase board – it is going to go in my office next to my countdown! I have never seen an item like this is any Disney store before.  It was a bit pricey for the size, $19.99 if you are wondering, but it was so worth it.

Lastly I added to my plushie collection with Chip and Dale. Its not a Disney vacation if I don’t come home with a plushie.

So there it is, our mini haul from our Walt Disney World and Disney Cruise Line October 2017 trip. Yes, I didnt get a whole lot this time, but the items I did get, I adore.

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