Restaurant Review: Sanaa, Kidani Village

Restaurant Review: Sanaa, Kidani Village

Restaurant: Sanaa

Location: Kidani Village

Dining Plans: Table Service

Type of Food:  African with Indian flavours

Animal Kingdom Lodge is split into two sections Jambo House and Kidani Village with Sanaa being the only table service restaurant based in Kidani. The cuisine is African cooking with Indian flavours and is described by Disney as exotic as the animals that roam the Savannah. We have visited the restaurant many times and I was really hoping that this visit would be as good as we remembered.

We ate here a little later that I would have like to. If you can time it correctly and eat before the sun sets, the restaurant boasts amazing views of the Savannah.  Tonight unfortunately we were too late to get a good view. I would also recommend arriving at the resort a good amount of time before your adr so you can spend time out on the Savannah viewing area.

The Food at Sanaa

First up is my husbands main meal and it was exactly the same as he had the last time we visited. He ordered the Braaivleis – South African Braai Sample Plate.  For the first time he had something critical to say about this meal – it was too salty. Whilst it didn’t ruin the dish, it wasnt as perfect as it had been on previous visits. Overall he still loved this dish and will most likely order it again on our next trip!


For my meal, I was also a creature of habit and ordered the same meal I had last time – Pajotie Inspired. Last time we visited this dish included a choice of any two listed curries and the choice of rice. This time you can now only choose one meat/seafood dish and one vegetable dish and no choice of rice. I have since read that you can now pay extra to have two meat or seafood dishes and the choice of rice is back.

Due to the change I had to move away from my normal choice and on the recommendation of our server ordered the spicy Durban shrimp and the paneer tikka.

The Durban shrimp was as perfect as I remembered. The shrimp were huge and the sauce has a great kick to it. It was spicy and hugely flavourful. I could easily just have a plateful of this.

The paneer tikka was interesting. If you dont know, and I didnt, paneer is cheese. Yep I had a cheese curry.  For comparison I would say paneer is a bit like feta in texture.  Without the recommendation of our server I dont think I would have tried it. Everyone should try this dish at least once – its such an unusual flavour. The rice was just okay. Personally I loved the multi grain rice here and was very disappointed I couldn’t have it on my visit. It really pleases me that it is now back on the menu.


The Verdict

Overall Sanaa wasnt quite as perfect as it had been before. It was by no means a bad visit – it was an excellent meal but it just wasnt what we had come to expect. Sanaa is still a must do for us and the location simply cannot be beat.

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  1. February 17, 2017 / 2:31 pm

    I love Sanaa! Probably my favorite non-signature restaurant. The butter chicken is my favorite but I enjoy the Durban Shrimp too.

    • Lisa
      February 19, 2017 / 3:15 pm

      Aww yeah I love that butter chicken too!

  2. Shona Fleming
    August 15, 2017 / 2:04 pm

    We have an ADR here in September, I think I will have to try the Paneer Tikka, I like my food with a little kick but nothing too spicy so think I will try the Butter Chicken as the other choice.

    • Lisa
      August 16, 2017 / 12:27 pm

      Shona you must try the Paneer Tikka, it was so yummy and something I would never have ordered with the prompt from the server. Hope you have a wonderful trip

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