Restaurant Review: Blaze Pizza, Disney Springs

Restaurant Review: Blaze Pizza, Disney Springs

Restaurant: Blaze Pizza

Location: Disney Springs, Town Center

Dining Plans: Quick Service

Type of Food: Pizza

After our disappointing experience at D-Luxe Burger (you can read it here), I was reluctant to try any of the other new offerings at Disney Springs, but my social media was filled with friends loving Blaze Pizza. That was something I couldn’t ignore and I had to give it a try.

If you are getting the bus to Disney Springs from any of the resorts then Blaze Pizza is so easy to get to.  Off the bus, take a right at Planet Hollywood and you are there. The new set up at Disney Springs leaves me very disorientated, especially at night when we visited. I was so pleased to find this restaurant easily.

Immediately something grabbed my attention – the huge line out the door! A good sign already, D-Luxe was empty on our visit. Luckily the line moved really quickly and we were being served in no time.

You have two options here – pick a pizza from the menu or make your own. For ease we both picked one off the menu. The staff member taking your order asks if you want anything changed on the pizza and we both said no, just how it was on the menu was fine for us.

This is where we hit the really annoying thing about Blaze – the huge amount of staff constantly asking you the same question! Let me explain, you tell staff member one your order and she asks your name. Staff member two, who is standing less than 5 inches from staff member one says are you Lisa and asks if you want pepperoni on your pizza. Yes I want pepperoni as its on the pizza I picked and I asked for no changes.Staff member 3, who again is actually so close to staff member 2 they might be touching, says are you Lisa and says do you meatballs on your pizza. Yes I want meatballs as its on the pizza I picked and I asked for no changes. I am sure I dont need to continue and you get the picture…..this went on for 5 members of staff! It drove me nuts – each staff member could hear exactly what I told the one before yet they still had to ask, are you Lisa? Yes I’m Lisa and you know it! AHHHH! And then they had at least 8 staff members whose only job was to cut pizza.

The Food at Blaze Pizza

The Pizza saved the experience. It wasnt the best pizza I have ever had but it was really nice. We both ordered a pizza each and I had a fountain drink and my husband had a water. I remember the fountain drink station has some unusual choices on it , which is why I picked it, but I dont seem to have taken a picture.


Meat Eater

Pepperoni, Meatballs, Red Onion, Mozzarella and Red Sauce

Link In

Sausage Red Peppers, Sautéed Onions, Mozzarella and Red Sauce
The pizza’s are the perfect size for one and have plenty of toppings. There weren’t greasy and the toppings didnt fall off like Via Napoli.  The price for Disney is also really great – $9.65 + Tax for each pizza. You can barely get a regular Disney quick service for that price.
Overall I think Blaze Pizza is a great addition to Disney Springs. Its great for getting something quick and easy and something that doesnt cost the Earth. I dont think it deserves all the hype but I can say I will be back.

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