Disney Restaurant Review: Polite Pig, Disney Springs

Disney Restaurant Review: Polite Pig, Disney Springs

Restaurant: Polite Pig

Location: Disney Springs, Town Center

Dining Plans: Quick Service

Type of Food: BBQ

The recent development of Disney Springs has resulted in so many new eateries that its hard to keep up.  One of the most recent additions is the Polite Pig. Located in the Town Centre area just by the entrance to the parking lot and the new bus loop.

We visited on a Friday night and the queue was out the door – a good sign already. It didnt take us long to get severed and our server was so nice and ordering was painless.


Despite the queue being really long when we joined it, there were lots of seats in the restaurant. This place is pretty big so I think it would always be really easy to get a seat.

Polite Pig has a few unique features and one of these is the bar area. Whilst there are quite a few quick service places that you can get alcohol at Walt Disney World, I cannot think of any that has a bar set up like this place. We sat at the other side of the restaurant from the bar so my pictures are not great. The bar has a crazy amount of bourbons so if that is your drink of choice this place is for you.

The Food

Like any good restaurant the food was the real star here. This is the brisket melt – caramelized onions, pickled peppers, beer cheese fondue; Served with a pickle spear; – $14.00. The brisket was truly melt in the mouth and there was so much meat! There was no way I could finish this and I didnt even get a side. The beer cheese fondue just had a hint of beer and it was slightly sweet.

My husband ordered the St Louis ribs – layla sweet rub; Served with slaw, texas toast and choice of 1 market side – $19.00.He ordered the mac and cheese as his market side. Firstly we need to talk about that mac and cheese, if its not the best in Disney its is near the top of that list. Gutted that I hadnt ordered any and was only able to steal some of my husbands. They really need to do a huge portion of it. Secondly the ribs – oh so yummy! Despite them being a little pinker than I am used to they were very good.

The Decor

This place is filled with pigs –  well what would expect with a name like the Polite Pig. There are statues of pigs, paintings of pigs, even pigs in the restroom. Somehow they manage to make all those pigs look good and not tacky. The rest of the decor is rugged with a warehouse/loft apartment feel with exposed brick on the walls and mosaic tiles all over.


Polite Pig is a great addition to Disney Springs and Walt Disney World. There are a few BBQ type places but nothing like this. Food is great, atmosphere is great and the decor is just so quaint. All the cast members we encountered were really nice and did go out of their way to help customers. Cant wait to come back to try more of the menu and maybe some of those taps and get my own portion of that amazing mac and cheese.


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