Walt Disney World: Offsite V Onsite Cost Comparison

Walt Disney World: Offsite V Onsite Cost Comparison
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Now that Disney UK have announced free Dining again for 2018 I imagine many of my UK readers will be pricing up a trip. Initially I know Disney prices can look really daunting so I thought I would do a price comparison on like for like costs to really see how much more expensive staying onsite at Disney really is.

Remember this is going to be a like for like comparison. Well as close to like for like as I can make it. Often when people are looking at Disney costs then they are comparing two completely different things. Like a Motel on the 192 cannot be compared to Animal Kingdom Lodge with free Dining.

Excluded Costs

There are a few things that I am going to exclude from the costings – flights, passports, esta’s, other theme park tickets, car hire and spends for shopping. I am excluding these items as you are going to have to pay for them no matter where you stay.

What I am comparing

Hotel Costs, Walt Disney World Park Tickets, Food Spending Money and Parking. To make it suit most people I am going to look at 14 Nights from 28 July 2018 at a 4 star resort with 14 night tickets, 10 days parking and 2 character meals. Prices will be based on a family of 4, 2 Adults and 2 Children one of whom is under 10 and one over 10.

Onsite V Offsite Comparison

 Onsite at Walt Disney World

Disney’s Old Key West                                                 £3,766.00

14 Night Park Tickets                                                   £1,576.00

10 Days Park Parking – Free for onsite guests         £0.00

Character Meals x 2 – Included in Dining Plan       £0.00

Spends – Tips for table service plan, petrol              £645.00 ( $800 @ exchange rate of $1.24)

Free Gift Card $200                                                     -£161.00

Total Onsite Cost                                                    £5,826.00

Offsite Hotel 

Hotel – Hyatt Regency                                                 £2,544.00

14 Night Park Tickets                                                  £1,576.00

10 Days Parking                                                            £161.00 ($20 per day @ $1.24)

Character Meals x 2                                                     £225.00 (based on $140 per meal)

Food Spends                                                                  £1975 ($175 per day)

Total Offsite Costs                                                £6,481.00

The Result

As you can see there really is not a lot in it but Disney onsite does come out marginally cheaper on a like for like basis. I can imagine many people will be surprised reading this as they assume Disney is lots much dearer but in reality its cheaper. Personally I love onsite at Disney World, nothing quite beats being right in the Disney bubble.


How to book your Walt Disney World Free Dining Trip 

My blog post all about UK Free Dining is here. On that post I go through all the different options and the pro’s and cons of each dining plan.

If you are ready to book then head over to www.disneypackages.co.uk to book now.

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