WDW Food Report Nov 2015 – Breakfast at Captain Cooks featuring Tonga Toast

Originally we had planned an adr at Kona however since we had been last night we cancelled.We instead decided to go for breakfast at Captain Cooks at the Polynesian Resort where we were staying. Luckily breakfast  at Captain Cooks features the one item I was going to Kona for – Tonga Toast. We shared a portion of Tonga Toast and a standard Disney resort breakfast bounty platter.


The Tonga Toast was just wow!!!! So for those not in the know Tonga Toast is Banana-stuffed Sourdough Bread, Battered and Deep-fried, and dusted with Cinnamon Sugar. What could be more perfect?  Next year when we stay at the Polynesian again, I am going to have it everyday!

Breakfast at Captain Cooks is one of the best quick service breakfast’s on property. Guests can get the standard breakfast bounty platter, if that is what you are after,  however there are so many unique items only found at the Polynesian resort.

Then we went off to Magic Kingdom where we had lunch at Pecos Bills. I was a mixture of nervous and excited for the new menu. I had no reason to be nervous as the new menu is excellent. It now has a tex-mex menu and the fixings bar is still there but it now has fajitas type toppings. The food is really filling so its great value for money.



It has remained very much on our must do list.

Later on we fancied a snack so shared a Nutella waffle from Sleepy Hollow. It was so messy and I am sure I had nutella on my face the rest ofthe day but it was totally worth it.


Before heading back to the resort we stopped off at Starbucks on Main Street.


Jamie just had your bog standard iced caramel macchiato, I had an iced peppermint mocha. Yummy – I love the holiday starbucks menu.

Dinner tonight was back at the resort – we shared the pulled pork nachos and the peperoni flatbread.


Highlight of the day was breakfast at Captain Cooks – Tonga Toast!

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