Walt Disney World Tickets: Which are Best? Magic Your Way Tickets

Walt Disney World Tickets: Which are Best? Magic Your Way Tickets

You can find part 1 of this series here – Walt Disney World Tickets: Which are Best? UK Ultimate’s and Combo Tickets

Magic your way tickets are the tickets that most park guests will be using. Apart from annual passes and buying a one day ticket on the gate they are the only option available to most guests.

Base Tickets

Magic your way tickets all start the same – with a base ticket. These are simply tickets for 1 park per day. No extras are included so that means no park hopping and no water parks. You can get everything from a one day ticket right up to 10 day ticket. Tickets expire 14 days from first use. That means if you haven’t used all your purchased days within 14 days you have lost them. If you have a 3 day ticket you can visit any of the 4 main theme parks on 3 days in a 14 day period. The visits dont have to be consecutive.

Hopper Tickets

If you want to Park Hop then you start with a base ticket and add hopping on. It really is as simple as that. If you dont want this feature then you dont have to add it on and you can just stick with your base ticket. Just to note if you have a base ticket and want to go to two parks in one day when you get there you will have to upgrade your ticket. Many people thing you can just use another day on your ticket but this is not the case, you do need to upgrade.

Water Parks and More

In order to visit the water parks using your Magic Your Way ticket you have to add the option to your ticket. If you havent added park hopper then they call the addition Fun Visits and if do have park hopper then it is called ‘Plus’. Your water park options also cancel within 14 days of the ticket being activated but dont have to be used consecutively. I have no idea why they are not called the same thing.  You can also use your addition for golf an mini golf. The undercover tourist ticket website gives all the options – check it out.



Magic your way tickets are a great way to save some money if you dont need the flexibility of the UK ultimate ticket. If you are only going to do a few days are the parks or know you wont be park hopping then there are savings to be made.

The savings are not always huge amounts and sometimes the lack of flexibility is not worth the saving. For example a 3 day park hopper with water parks is $375 on undercover tourist. Currently a 14 day UK ultimate for 2017 if £299 from Disney UK which is currently around $367 .  You may only need 3 days but for the extra $8 the flexibility is worth the price difference..  The £299 UK Ultimate is a promotional price so in a few day/weeks/months it may be significantly better value to get the Magic Your Way Ticket.

Personally I think these are great tickets. If you only have a few days in the parks or dont like to hop then these are for you. Currently the UK ticket promo price is making the savings much smaller but depending on how you like to visit the parks they may still be there. I suspect once that offer is over the savings will be much larger.

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