Wild Africa Trek Review

Wild Africa Trek Review

Way back in 2012 we were very lucky to Honeymoon in WDW. As part of that trip we booked the Wild Africa Trek at Animal Kingdom park.

This is one of the more expensive tours in the Disney Parks with prices ranging from $139 – $249 + Tax. The price is based on season and time of tour.

The tour last just over 3 hours and includes lunch. As it is based within Animal Kingdom park you are also required to hold valid park admission. A great part of this tour is it includes photographs. A cast member carries a camera throughout and you get all your pictures at the end. Ours were posted to us on a disc however I suspect you will now get them on my Disney experience. All the pictures on this review were taken by the cast member on the day.

Our tour started at 8.00 and at the time you met to the left of Tusker House but I believe it is now over by The Festival of the Lion King. After checking in the cast members help you into your safari gear. This consists of a mesh vest and a harness,that has a clip for your water bottle (which you get to keep!) and a pocket for your headset. You must wear a sunglasses strap and any cameras must be clipped to you. Here is a picture of our tour party.

Wild Africa Trek 002.jpg

Firstly we headed through the park and then backstage to the hippo enclosure.

Once you arrive you are hooked on by your harness so you can look down at the hippo but cant fall in. To begin with the hippo didn’t want to come out from her enclosure to see us. The cast member tried to make her come over to the water for food and treats but she wasn’t interested. The cast member explained they go into the water to cool down but today was very mild so she just didn’t want to go in the water.  It was amazing to be so close but we were really gutted she didn’t come closer to us.  As we were leaving the area she came over so we got a little look but the cast member wouldn’t let us stay and feed her as it trains her to think she can have the treats all the time.

Next up was the two rope bridges that cross the home of some snappy guys (sorry!) Again you are hooked on by your harness so you cant fall.

Wild Africa Trek 012


Wild Africa Trek 034Wild Africa Trek 035Wild Africa Trek 039Wild Africa Trek 040

This next pictures is one of my favourite of my husband ever and it shows why you are glad to have that harness.

Wild Africa Trek 052.jpg

After the bridge we get closer to the crocodiles. Sorry about the pic I look miserable and Jamie looks drunk but honestly we were having a great time.

Wild Africa Trek 092.jpg

Wild Africa Trek 096

After our time with the crocodiles we could take off our harness and move onto our private wagon tour of the savannah’s.  It was like a much more relaxed version of the Kilimanjaro Safari’s. We stopped quite often to talk about the animals and went a different route to the regular safari. It was amazing to see all the animals out here and to have time to take in how beautiful they are. On the regular safari you are constantly on the move – and dont have the time to view them all properly.

The Food

Now it was lunch time! You are given a canteen of African inspired food including an edible flower. Which funny enough tasted just like a flower – very fragrant. This was a great lunch and felt very in-keeping with the whole African theme.  As your lunch is served on a Boma on the Savannah you get a chance to look through binoculars at all the animals. This is also the only restroom stop on the three hour tour! As always over at Disney Food Blog they have a  great write up of the food here.

Wild Africa Trek 124.jpg

We had already had the most experience but our tour wasn’t over yet. Back in the truck to see more animals.  I loved seeing the warthogs as I had never seen them out before and I have never seen them since despite doing the safari at least 20 times!

Then it was time to end our wild Africa Trek..boo! Before calling it a day we were explained that a portion of the fee we had paid for the tour would be going direct to the Disney Conservation fund. Guests are allowed to pick from a selection of animal causes or the funds can go towards the general conservation fund. We both chose to send our money to the rhinos. Throughout the tour the cast members explain the conservation work that is happening all over the world and right there in Disney and its a great feeling to know you are helping even if it’s just a little bit.

Wild Africa Trek 152.jpg

Our overall view of Wild Africa Trek

If you haven’t guessed already we loved the Wild Africa Trek. It was very expensive – we paid $189+tax each but it was worth every cent.  If you love animals then you will love it. The cost means its not something you could do every trip. For a special occasion or just to do a new experience at Disney we would recommend it. This is a proper once in a life time experience. Writing this has made me want to do it all over again!





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  1. Hayley Todd
    February 16, 2016 / 9:08 am

    Wow, what an absolutely amazing experience and such wonderful memories you have created!

  2. Natalie Crossan
    July 15, 2016 / 6:31 pm

    This looks like so much fun!!

    • Lisa
      July 21, 2016 / 12:10 am

      It really was great and would love to do it again!

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